Does Purpose Stop You From Creating?

There is a lesson to be learned in this post, so read carefully and use as directed! ¬†ūüôā

The Heather Ross Sewing and Craft Weekend Workshop in Palm Springs was a blast. ¬†We had phenomenal teachers as always. ¬†Gretchen Hirsch, Annabel Wrigley and of course the amazing Heather Ross. ¬†These teachers are inspiring, not only because of what they have already accomplished, but because they continue to create….. and think of new and different ways to keep people like myself engaged and wanting more. ¬†We come back to these workshops just to be around their creative aura. ¬†I just want to suck “it” all in, hoard it, take it with me and remember every single inspirational and creative moment.


My Sewing Sisters!  Robin, Margaret and Me!

I feel giddy with sewing sister love. ¬† Silly right? ¬†I saw some remarkable things this weekend. ¬†My new friend Raven worked all weekend on a lovely tank (I am unsure of the exact pattern) made from Heather Ross’s Water Ski Beauties print and an Anna Maria Horner Field Study print in Tomato. ¬†It was so very cute and whimsical. ¬†Raven had my other friend Robin, (known as Robin Bobbin on Flickr) try on that tank and it fit Robin so well that sweet Raven told Robin to keep it! ¬† Now if that isn’t an example of sister love, I don’t know what is! ¬†Kudos to you Raven- you really are quite ¬†an amazing young woman. ¬†So glad I was able to spend time with you!

photo 2-16

View from my hotel room, look at that thick blanket of fog rolling in!

Not only did we sew this weekend, we got crafty too!  Annabel Wrigley had the most amazing color palette of tissue, crepe and construction papers.  She also had all the other goodies that you would expect to see to construct some pretty amazing paper flowers. All available in any color you could possibly dream up.

photo 4-14

Stunning Chandeliers made by Annabel Wrigley

These flowers were used to create some fairy tale like “chandeliers”. ¬†Now I am kind-of a sewer/crafter with a purpose. ¬†One of my first questions I ask myself when I am readying myself to construct something is- “Am I going to wear/use it?” ¬†Followed by “What would I be wearing/using it for?¬†(This type of questioning comes from a portion of my brain that has to rationalize everything). ¬†It does weed out some pretty unnecessary sewing of garments that I would probably never wear and it also helps with fabric choices BUT It does also however, stop me from just having a little fun.

Girls just wanna have fun right?!

I thought to myself, “Why do I want a chandelier that isn’t even going to serve as a source of light?”


Since most of the ladies making these chandeliers had little girls at home to create these for, I felt like, why? ¬†“Why would I make one of these for my kid”? ¬†I am sure Kenny and Will would have thought I flipped my lid if I brought home a pretty frilly pink floaty thing for them to display in their rooms! ¬†I wonder if I was the only one who went through this thought process?

So… It was PURPOSE that was stopping me from having some fun! ¬†How sad is that? ¬†Isn’t the act of having fun purpose enough? ¬†Think about it for a minute…..

Does purpose dictate your crafting?

photo 3-11

Heather Ross explaining the ins and outs of Inkodye

Well, by the second evening of the workshop, watching from afar all the lovely blooms ¬†being produced- I finally caved. ¬†I wanted to sit around the most colorful table at the workshop, chat and indulge in some colorful creating. ¬†With a little direction I was on my way searching for wires and floral tape- I assembled my first paper flower, and then my second and my third….. you get the idea. ¬†My takeaway? ¬†It is very theraputic, quite addictive…




I don’t have a photo to show you of my completed chandelier, because sadly I didn’t complete it and the travel home left it a little shabby- BUT I gained so much more by just the experience of assembling all those papers into something 3 dimensional.

So… Have you learned anything?

Maybe sometimes it’s okay to not have a plan when crafting and just be spontaneous along the way? The worst thing that could happen is you might create something beautiful and have a hell of a lot of fun!

go ahead, try it-

I dare you!

Have a great weekend and do some reckless creating while you’re at it!


Hi everybody! ¬†This is about the 3rd time I have tried to write a blog post in the last couple weeks. ¬† I get started and realize that I am writing about TOO many things and my thoughts are all over the map. ¬†The other reason a post hasn’t went up is because the “bandwidth” (I am not computer savvy, but apparently that is the amount of time it takes for my oldest son, Kenny to yell at me about hogging the internet) is very insufficient. ¬†So I get booted off either by Kenny or by the internet itself. ¬†If only I could do that to everyone around me when I have reached my maximum capacity. ¬†ūüôā ¬†I am just sayin’. ¬† ūüôā The possiblilities‚Ķ. shall we all ponder that for a moment?‚Ķ.

Ahem…. back to the real world!

So in order to sum up so far what we have been up to I thought I would put together some telling pictures.


I have done a little sewing, we purchased a few 1000 piece puzzles,(from the Brewster General Store) this one is my favorite, and is all about vintage sewing!!!  I broke a bobbin while winding new thread onto it and here is a little peek of the surprise I am working on for a friend.  I am hoping to get it sent out tomorrow.

PicFrame-1 copy

I discovered an awesome quilt store here in Cape Cod, Tumbleweed Quilts.  They had a sale room that had plenty of Amy Butler fabric for 4.99 a yard!

Jim, the boys and I went to see The B52’s and The Go-Go’s! ¬†The Go-Go’s were A-MAZ-ING and the whole show was AWESOME!!!! We had to drag the boys‚Ķ.. there were a few other kids dragged there by their parents as well. ¬†My son Kenny at one moment during the concert looked at me and said “normally you dancing in public would totally embarrass me, but every other middle-aged mom here is doing the same thing, so it doesn’t bother me! ¬†Will on the other hand had his I-Pad during the concert and was playing games. Wow‚Ķ okay!

We got ourselves a paddle board!  The boys are having a great time on the pond with it.  Just as long as the snapping turtles stay away from them, it will all be good!

One more thing to show you that is oh so exciting to me…. I am famous… well, my gift is anyway.  Let me explain!

Last February I attended this workshop. ¬†At the end of that workshop I gave a gift to Heather Ross and a gift to Gretchen Hirsch. ¬†I gave Heather a blouse, which I got from Anthropologie, and it looked like her to me. ¬†I’ve seen her wearing it several times in various pictures and I am thrilled that she has been enjoying it! ¬† When I saw this picture I knew that it would be the perfect gift for Gretchen, since I knew her favorite color is pink and she had just dyed her hair pink.

capecod fabric4

Now if any of you receive Threads magazine, Gretchen has a big old article all about her sewing studio in the August/September issue. ¬†On her wall is the GIFT that I gave her. ¬†Look, you can read it, the caption underneath clearly states that “this picture was a gift from a student” ¬†I am THE STUDENT!!!! Ha! ¬†I am being a little silly while I am saying this, because it could literally be anybody‚Ķ.. I wish she would have mentioned my name, but oh well I am just tickled pink (pardon the pun) that Gretchen liked the picture so much that it graces her wall! ¬†It really means a whole lot!!!!

Don’t you love giving a gift and having it be the right fit! ¬†Such a great feeling!!

That’s all for now folks! ¬†Hope you are having a great week!

A Road Trip, A Workshop and My Friend Patty

I had another opportunity to attend a “Heather Ross Workshop” a couple of weekends ago. ¬†The workshop was to take place near Monterey at Asilomar,¬†which is pretty close to my neck of the woods (about 130 miles South) so how could I pass It up?

Well, I quickly spread the awesome news to my dear friend Patty since It was also¬†the perfect excuse for a girls weekend, right? ¬†I knew Patty could use a little weekend away, being a mom of 3 girls and studying to be a Nurse were just two of the many reasons she could use the respite. ¬†Let’s face it, all of us could use a girls weekend- whether we are having a rough time or not, don’t you think?

I was thrilled when Patty accepted my invitation! ¬†Even though she isn’t a crafter, she would use the time that I was in the workshop to study. ¬†I can’t even tell you the last time I had enough time with Patty to really talk about everything. ¬†She has been through some real life changes recently and I loved hearing how eloquently she is handling everything. ¬†She is not much older than me, but two of her girls are in college, and she has so much acquired knowledge to share with me regarding those high school and middle school years. ¬†Believe me, Jim and I could use any help we can get. ¬†Basically she reminded me, to NOT SWEAT THE SMALL STUFF! ¬†Being reminded of this is something I really needed to hear!


Here is Patty and me. ¬†She is cute isn’t she? ¬†Such a great picture of Patty!¬† She and her girls are so photogenic, me…not so much!!!!

The Heather Ross Workshop was for sewing, which I didn’t do too much of. ¬†I was sooooo distracted! ¬†I am not sure why- maybe it was the new pretty color of Gretchen’s hair?

gretchen pinkhair

I love that Gretchen is able to express herself, and not worry about what others may think. ¬†I told her that some of her fans are now going to start dyeing their hair pink, because she is a trend setter! ¬†She told me that she hopes so, because maybe then, people will “stop staring”!!!!!

My plan for the weekend workshop was to sew the “Portrait Blouse” from Gretchen’s book.

My Book

What I ended up making was the “Keyhole Blouse” but I used the pattern for the “Portrait Blouse” instead and by accident. ¬†Are you confused? ¬†I know! ¬†Me too!


You see, I should have used a different pattern from Gretchen’s book, the Bow-Tied Blouse. ¬†Then, I would do a variation of that blouse called the Keyhole blouse, instead I did some kind of variation on the portrait blouse, which was a mistake. ¬†Here is what I ended up with. ¬†It’s still not done, It needs a zipper and a hem. ¬†Asilomar7

It has shirring at the shoulders and is made from a yummy Liberty of London fabric, which while pinning the pattern to it, I  stuck myself and bled all over .  Ugh- I just cut around all the little blood spots.  Of all fabrics, why did it have to be a LIberty of London fabric?!!!!!

Gretchen, came up to me while I was in the process of cutting and noticed that I had in fact been using the wrong pattern. ¬†She was so optimistic, telling me she would love to see the blouse when it was done, because she hadn’t seen this version/variation as of yet. ¬†Well, not so much a version as it was a mistake, is all I could think!!!

For lunch on Saturday, Patty and I dined outside next to a fire at the Hogs Breath Inn in Carmel.  This restaurant was once owned by the actor Clint Eastwood.


Anyway, back to the workshop. ¬†Heather Ross, is just like a girlfriend. ¬†No airs about her, you settle right in and “hang” with her. ¬†She had a lovely bonfire planned for us Saturday evening. ¬†We were gonna make some S’mores!!!


Mmmmmm S’Mores for dessert!


Here are some random pictures of the “workshoppers”. ¬†We worked away in a magnificent room called the Kiln Room.


It had a grand fireplace, don’t you think?!

asilomar10 asilomar8

And that is all for now!  I hope you are all having a nice week!

Sew Grateful For Gretchen!!!

My Photo    Join Me in Being Sew Grateful

So, my friend Gretchen Hirsch educates me on sewing as well as gives me a really good chuckle here and there.  Gretchen is one of my sewing heroes that I have mentioned in earlier posts and is the author of the blog:  Gerties blog for better sewing.  Today she is featuring Ryan Gosling.  These images of him are made possible by Ryan Gosling Handmade.  This one here is my absolute favorite!

  My husband Jim, and my boys are constantly finding pins everywhere in the house and both our pugs, Ruby and Peekaboo run around the house with those jagged little things hanging out of their mouths taunting me for a game of cat and mouse.

I am also a fan of this one:

These Kill me!!!!! Anyway!  I am SEW GRATEFUL for laughter, silliness and for Gretchen!!!!