A Handmade Christmas? Is it even possible?

So here we are at the end of November, and I am just now thinking about A Handmade Christmas!  Wow, procrastinate much?  I have already “bitten off” a lot more than I can probably “chew”.  I am undertaking an 80″ X 60″ quilt for my Mom and Pops.

I started by doing a little research on what I found to be easy on the eyes and just plain easy.  I discovered this beauty on an inspiring blog Quilt Story.  There you will find an easy to follow tutorial done by Megan and Heather.  Gosh, isn’t it pretty?!  I believe mine will be a little bigger than theirs, and also a little different, mostly because as usual, I screwed up!  🙂

I wanted it to be large enough for both my parents to sit together under while watching television, and also if my dad takes a little snooze on the sofa, it will cover him from neck to toes.  There’s nothing worse than having your feet stick out under a blanket just so you can cover your shoulders or covering your feet up and then getting the “cold shoulder”.

Here’s a quick look at what I have done so far:


Three blocks completed, each measuring about 20″, just to give you some reference to the scale of what you are viewing.

There are many resources available to all of us for creating a handmade Christmas.  One thing I discovered the other day is something that came to me on Twitter.  It’s called A Hip Handmade Holiday from Craft Pack.  

A Hip Handmade Holiday - a digital craft book with 18 projects, 9 instructional videos and over 100 downloads

This awesome pdf can be purchased for 10 US dollars.  It consists of 18 craft projects that cost about $10.00 each to make.  I have it, and will be crafting some of the items included in this clever magazine.

Two other great resources that I have talked about before are, Creativebug.com and Craftsy.com.

I am especially enjoying Creativebug at the moment.  I have once again crocheted the one skein scarf, I bought 5 more skeins of yarn today to crochet more scarves!   Creativebug has all sorts of paper workshops for decorative gift wrapping, party decorations and much ,much more.  Really, you have to stop by and check it out.

Here is a picture of the One Skein Scarf.


My last resource, is Etsy.  If I am unable to make it myself, then I will purchase a handmade item made by someone else.  Why not?  I think doing this, for me anyway, will make Christmas seem a little less overwhelming, (since crafting to me is therapy) and I love supporting my fellow artisans!  There are some very talented and creative people on Etsy.

Another Item I stumbled upon on the internet was a paper pieced Christmas Tree.  I saw one similar to the one here I have sewn up.   I just drew up my own rendition of a tree and sewed it up.  Really, it is very easy and I think if I make 2 of these they will work quite nicely for a festive table runner hmmmmm…..this might be a gift after all.  Now I just need to figure out how to paper piece a Santa- I wonder if it is even possible?!

christmas tree paperpiecing

So, as you can all see, I am going to be a little busy, cheap therapy though, eh?  Maybe you also may want to partake in A Handmade Christmas?

Have a great weekend!

What inspires you?

Well, we are back from Michigan.  I ate my way in and out of Michigan.  My mom cooks her way throughout our visit, creating a culinary link to my childhood memories.  I gained weight, but it was worth it.  Mmmmm, my mom’s homemade apple pie (I ate the whole thing only sharing a few slices) and Pigs in the Blanket with mashed potatoes… it was the best!

I have been feeling a creative rut lately and as I look back on some of the things I have sewn, I can see that I will get through my little dry spell.  Last Christmas I took a Craftsy tutorial taught by Amy Gibson.  The Quilted Ipad Case tutorial became a Christmas present for my lovely Sister-in-law, Heather.    A very fun and easy project, Amy takes you through the process of foundation piecing as well as constructing pockets, strap and the insertion of a zipper.  

This foundation piecing I found to be inspiring as well a real kick!  Piecing all these different fabric patterns together to create pockets really was inspirational!

This was the first time I have ever done foundation piecing!  After doing this project, I started another, similar project to take to Palm Springs.

This is a computer case that I foundation pieced using the skills and inspiration I learned from the Craftsy tutorial.  Sewn together with many different fabrics and prints, I made sure to use a Heather Ross print.  This particular print (VW Vans) is currently out of print, but you can find it on Etsy in places like this.  I have been coveting this for years, with only a fat quarter of my own, just waiting for a special place to put it.

bag interior pocket

Toodles to you all- enjoy your LAST last day of February!

Have a wonderful and inspirational Wednesday!

*Please forgive me for the poor quality of pictures.  I usually do my photos outside, but today is dark and gloomy and not a good day for photography.

Sew Grateful For Gretchen!!!

My Photo    Join Me in Being Sew Grateful

So, my friend Gretchen Hirsch educates me on sewing as well as gives me a really good chuckle here and there.  Gretchen is one of my sewing heroes that I have mentioned in earlier posts and is the author of the blog:  Gerties blog for better sewing.  Today she is featuring Ryan Gosling.  These images of him are made possible by Ryan Gosling Handmade.  This one here is my absolute favorite!

  My husband Jim, and my boys are constantly finding pins everywhere in the house and both our pugs, Ruby and Peekaboo run around the house with those jagged little things hanging out of their mouths taunting me for a game of cat and mouse.

I am also a fan of this one:

These Kill me!!!!! Anyway!  I am SEW GRATEFUL for laughter, silliness and for Gretchen!!!!