I have been absent from posting for a few days.  My reason?   Our family and our two dogs are in Michigan visiting my folks and enjoying the snow… the snow, what little there is of it.  We have been here since Saturday and luckily we have received one snowfall that enabled our boys to partake in a couple hours of sledding and snowball fighting, before it did it’s disappearing act.  Now you see it, now you don’t.

Just a small dusting of snow is all that they needed!

I took this opportunity while visiting  my mom and pops to talk to my mom about the quilt that I am making, here.  Well, she told me that she is the one that made the infamous black and brown cathedral quilt that I thought my grandmother made.  And here it is…..

I took these photos outside, the lighting is so much better.

After closer inspection, I noticed that this particular quilt is in need of some tender loving care.  A stitch in time saves nine.  I will be doing a little mending.

My mom with me

Happy Wednesday everyone!

Patience and Progress…..

I often find myself to be a person that wants instant results.  All that “Patience is a virtue” crap is something our mothers said to us and it is something that we continue to tell our kids.  When I start a sewing project, I want it done NOW and this would mean skipping the muslin sewing!  definitely not a possibility, because the sewing police will bust into my house and demand to see my muslin for my ill-fitting garment (Muslins help you avoid ill-fitting garments)- which I wouldn’t be able to produce and this would lead to the seamSTRESS pokey and… well you get the picture!  My latest project that I am working on is a quilt.  It is not just any quilt, it is a cathedral quilt.  And it happens to be my first quilt, real quilt that is.  I chose this style, because it reminds me of the quilts I grew up with, handed down from my great-grandmother that my sister now has possession of.  
The colored fabric for the quilt was purchased off of Etsy from a shop called Swell Goods.  Fitting don’t you think?  Each vintage fat quarter came neatly pressed, folded, bundled and at one time was a bed sheet.  I just love it when you order something off of Etsy and when it arrives it’s packaged in a very special way!
Well, this is a sewing project that is going to take a lot of patience, which I intend to be pushing to the limit and at this point with nearly a week behind me I have enough done to use for a table runner.  My intent is to have enough rows done by June to blanket an actual human.  
 So as I continue to sew this massive undertaking, I will pick up other projects along the way to alleviate the boredom associated with sewing square, after square, after….. You get it…
Stay tuned for further developments!