Necessity Is The Mother Of Invention?

Is that what they say?  Well in this case it was just that!  Friday, my son Kenny and I biked 16 miles on the Cape Cod Rail Trail.  Last year was the first year I attempted any real biking on the Cape, in fact I was convinced that if I were to add up all the bike riding I had done up to the age of 44 I probably hadn’t even accumulated near 16 miles!  So you can imagine my feeling of accomplishment when we completed our first bike ride to Chatham and back (20 mile round trip).  Seriously though, it is not a strenuous ride (for Kenny), there are no real hills to speak of (that Kenny would call a hill) and the scenery is breathtaking to take your mind off of your burning hips and thighs!

Kenny will be turning 16 this year, so I am just tickled that he still wants to be seen out in public with me!  We do a lot of talking on these rides and I end up eating a bug or two along the way.  🙂  Extra protein.

Last year I was using a backpack that I me-made which worked great.

Here is last years bag……

The extra bulk on my back made me hot though, and since I forgot my backpack bag for this trip it was time for a change.  I sketched some drawings…..


Then I sewed those sketches into reality. Here is the actual bag:

I used Amy Butler fabric for the outer and inner portions of this bag.  I am going to eventually use velcro on the back to attach it to the handle bars and post, but for now tying it on would do.

It is just large enough to hold my cell phone, I.D., sunscreen, a baseball hat, money and a pair of cheaters.  All the “necessities”!

Here is a larger view of my bike.

It’s such a happy Amy Butler fabric.  This bag also has a magnetic closure.  I must say that these were the strongest magnets that I have ever used.  They were impossible to separate.  I was sure to construct the bag so that there was plenty of fabric between the magnets to break up their extreme magnetic pull.  Wow!

Today Kenny and I are off to ride the 20 mile round trip to Chatham and back!  Wish me luck.  Here’s hoping that you can also “Invent” “sew” those things that are needed for your “necessities”!  Or something like that.