The Ellen Show… Am I Dreaming?

Wow!  I am not even sure where to start.  Really.  From the moment I landed in Burbank- I have felt like I was dreaming.  But there we were, my cousin Carol and I sitting in our Ellen VIP seats, on Thursday afternoon, watching the whole thing unfold.  The same protocol was followed, just as we have seen many times before from our livingroom sofas.  The Ellen Show music starts, The camera shows Ellen behind stage tossing her mint into the air and if she is having a good day, she catches it, right in the kisser (let’s face it, it’s a good day whether she catches it or not).  A good day it was, she caught it!

photo 5-01

Let’s back up just a little shall we?  I have been asked repeatedly, “How did you get VIP tickets to The Ellen Show?”   Carol and I were 2 VIP’s among about 30 people maybe more?…. VIP for The Ellen Show means, prime seating and no waiting in the cattle call area.   These very special tickets were acquired by doing a couple of things.

photo 1-01

I made this quilt for Ellen, it took about 6 months to finish.

photo 4-01


Because of The Ellen Quilt, my blog post made it to a friend, that sent it to another friend, that happened to be related to someone who worked for Warner Brothers, in a pretty high up position.


photo 2

At first I was a little bummed out, because I felt like I could have acquired these tickets if I would have just talked to the right people.  After further reflection though, I realized that it was because of THE ELLEN QUILT that I got tickets to the show.  I really do believe this.  If I wouldn’t have created this quilt, the talk would not have started among all these people, and my blog post would not have been forwarded to the right person.

photo 3-01

Now, let’s go forward- okay?  Attending the Ellen Show really was a dream come true.  I didn’t expect it to be such a workout.  Standing, sitting, clapping, yelling and dancing, lots of dancing.  It was a whirlwind of excitement.  We were prompted when to dance, when to stand and Ellen told us when to sit.  (In a nice way of course!)

Carol and I were placed right in the 2nd row, where Ellen dances across during each show. It is a wider row which allows her to really cut some rug as she passes by.   I detected a slight hint of CK One when she grooved passed us.   She is so darn cute and tiny as can be.  Tiny in stature, but not in personality as you all know.  She is lightning quick with her humor, you can see for yourselves by watching her opening Good News performance.

photo 5

Kim Kardashian and Dermot Mulroney were her guests.  They were both entertaining in their own ways.  Ellen was the show though, she was who we all came to see- these tickets are hard to come by and this was confirmed by many of the locals that Carol so giddily told.  Everywhere we went, when asked why we were visiting the Los Angeles area, Carol would quickly answer, “We’re going to the Ellen Show!” The responses were filled with excitement and envy.  Could you blame them?

We left Ellen, with swollen, numb hands and hoarse voices AND completely drained of all energy.  Everybody did.  It was a workout.  This was my Super Bowl- and it was over…like the “day after Christmas” is how Carol described it, and that is exactly what it felt like.

All the planning, cutting and designing of this quilt- brought me to that very moment, that small slice of time that I was present for The Ellen Show.  Now it’s over, all over.

As aways, upon returning home it has taken me a couple days to get my bearings.  This time, it was even harder.  The shear, mental and physical exhaustion from the Ellen Event.

Well worth it, you should all do it.  If Ellen isn’t your thing, then have another goal in mind, and shoot for those stars.  You might just surprise yourself with what you can accomplish, when you get folks talking and pulling for you!

carol and I on Ellen

That’s all for now!

Stay well-

and as Ellen always says…

“Be kind to one another!”

Burbank or Bust!?

I am just popping in for a very quick update on The Ellen Quilt.

 Burbank, my second of three trips planned for this month.  Call me crazy, because that is exactly how I am probably going to be feeling by the beginning of February!

My cousin Carol is flying in from Michigan to meet me in Burbank.  Patty was supposed to make the trip as well, but her nursing school schedule is completely sucking all her time, so sadly, she won’t be joining us.


I put together a folder with all our planned exciting excursions.  The Mike and Molly Show, The Ellen Show, and a couple of fun restaurants that we may or may not check out.  We are gonna be 2 Michigan girls hanging out in the big city, because I am still a Michigan girl at heart.

We return on Saturday, bright and early. Who knows what the next few days will hold?

Whatever it holds, you will have a front row seat to all of our shenanigans!