Sewing and Such…

I have been absent from writing for two months.  I have been creating.  Sometimes I find blogging about it, and also doing it (creating) is too much for me to do.  I also have two boys to somewhat parent, A husband that needs a wife, two pugs to keep alive and then there are those plants that come to my house to die.  That last one is the easy one.

I didn’t get a chance to blog about Sew South- which is totally the “Bee’s Knees”, by the way.  The fact of the matter is, is that many others that attended Sew South did such a fabulous job describing the whole event, that I felt like I would be reinventing the wheel.  Here are a couple blogs you should check out:  The Sewing Chick– she is a pretty cool chicky at that!  I love her!  You could also check out Trina Peterson from Sew Many Possibilities.  Trina is an amazing, wonderful young lady full of all kinds of talent.  I love her too.  In fact I have to say, that everyone I came into contact with was quite wonderful and welcoming.  If you are going to head to a weekend sewing retreat on your own this is the one to travel for.  Everyone made it so easy.  Last but not least is, Jennifer Mathis from Ellison Lane and also the creator of Sew South.  I cannot say enough about her.  She loves to give, give, give- it makes her SO happy.

Here are a few things I have been up to:


I made 50 luggage tags and then gifted them to all my new Sew South friends after Sew South.  I used the pattern by Studio Cherie.

photo 2-48

These are just a portion of the 50 I made after Sew South and sent off to their new homes.


I flew to New York for a Heather Ross Workshop day which was a lot of fun. I have to say though for me the highlight of New York was the 911 Museum.  It really is something you must see!

photo 4-39The outdoor fountain is breathtaking.  It was so thoughtfully created.

photo 3-42This is part of the indoor museum where many people are laid to rest behind this wall.  I cannot even express how somber this museum is.  It really is something you have to see and experience.


I purchased a Speak Your Silence Kit to sew #Thestitch onto my gray sneakers.

photo 4

My mom was sexually abused by her step-father for many years, that is why I wear The Stitch.

photo 2-44This is a great charity that offers free counseling to adults that have been sexually abused as children.  You should really check them out.


I sewed up a Sew Together Bag, designed by the not crazy Sew Demented. I would love to see how her brain works!  This bag goes together in a way that I could not even have imagined.  It is ingenious!

photo 3-43

photo 2-46This was gifted to my post Sew South Secret Sister!


I sewed up 5 pillow covers for my good friend Susie:

photo 2-45

photo 1-39

I was pretty happy with the results, each pillow had a zipper and piping.  We found the sailboat fabric on etsy for I think 3.95 a yard, compared to the Calico Corners fabric, which was somewhere around 115.00 a yard!  Crazy huh?


I found this Doris Day door hanger at an estate sale.

photo 3-41

I wasn’t even going to attend, but “something” made me take a left turn instead of a right and I found this for a dollar!  Thank you “something” for making me take that turn!


I made a Michigan State logo for the back of Kenny’s graduation robe.  The kids decorate the back of their robes with the colleges or universities they are attending in the fall.  I don’t think this is a tradition at all the high schools it seems pretty unique.

photo 4-38

It makes for a fun project.  Kenny and his friend Katie, did their caps themselves.

Kenny also graduated, what kind of mom would I be if I didn’t include a graduation picture?


I made 8 of these “Survival Kit” jars for Kenny and 7 of his friends.

photo 3-40

Included in the kit?  Chocolate, Candy, altoids, sunscreen, and of course a sewing kit.  You can’t leave home without a sewing kit!


We finally made it to the East Coast!

photo 2.PNG

Yep!  The sign really does change each year!


I found this lovely vintage quilt at an antique store for $100.00!

photo 3-39

There are a few spots, that I didn’t discover until I got home, but it is all hand quilted and hand pieced!

photo 4-37

photo 2-43

Pretty AH-Mazing, huh?!  It measures about 7.5 feet x 8.5 feet!  It is huge!  I am going to get it professionally cleaned eventually.


And lastly… Which actually took place first and took almost as long as the luggage tags, I created a tutorial for this bag.

patchwork wristlet tutorial-01

The link will be on my website on Friday the 27th.  Ellison Lane is doing a patchwork series and this bag is part of that series.  You can check back to on Friday or you can check with on Friday for the actual tutorial on how to make this fun versatile bag.  Making this tutorial was quite the learning experience for me.  I hope to do more of these tutorials in the future.  We’ll have to wait and see how well this one does.

So until Friday…. Stay Crafty!

Does Purpose Stop You From Creating?

There is a lesson to be learned in this post, so read carefully and use as directed!  🙂

The Heather Ross Sewing and Craft Weekend Workshop in Palm Springs was a blast.  We had phenomenal teachers as always.  Gretchen Hirsch, Annabel Wrigley and of course the amazing Heather Ross.  These teachers are inspiring, not only because of what they have already accomplished, but because they continue to create….. and think of new and different ways to keep people like myself engaged and wanting more.  We come back to these workshops just to be around their creative aura.  I just want to suck “it” all in, hoard it, take it with me and remember every single inspirational and creative moment.


My Sewing Sisters!  Robin, Margaret and Me!

I feel giddy with sewing sister love.   Silly right?  I saw some remarkable things this weekend.  My new friend Raven worked all weekend on a lovely tank (I am unsure of the exact pattern) made from Heather Ross’s Water Ski Beauties print and an Anna Maria Horner Field Study print in Tomato.  It was so very cute and whimsical.  Raven had my other friend Robin, (known as Robin Bobbin on Flickr) try on that tank and it fit Robin so well that sweet Raven told Robin to keep it!   Now if that isn’t an example of sister love, I don’t know what is!  Kudos to you Raven- you really are quite  an amazing young woman.  So glad I was able to spend time with you!

photo 2-16

View from my hotel room, look at that thick blanket of fog rolling in!

Not only did we sew this weekend, we got crafty too!  Annabel Wrigley had the most amazing color palette of tissue, crepe and construction papers.  She also had all the other goodies that you would expect to see to construct some pretty amazing paper flowers. All available in any color you could possibly dream up.

photo 4-14

Stunning Chandeliers made by Annabel Wrigley

These flowers were used to create some fairy tale like “chandeliers”.  Now I am kind-of a sewer/crafter with a purpose.  One of my first questions I ask myself when I am readying myself to construct something is- “Am I going to wear/use it?”  Followed by “What would I be wearing/using it for? (This type of questioning comes from a portion of my brain that has to rationalize everything).  It does weed out some pretty unnecessary sewing of garments that I would probably never wear and it also helps with fabric choices BUT It does also however, stop me from just having a little fun.

Girls just wanna have fun right?!

I thought to myself, “Why do I want a chandelier that isn’t even going to serve as a source of light?”


Since most of the ladies making these chandeliers had little girls at home to create these for, I felt like, why?  “Why would I make one of these for my kid”?  I am sure Kenny and Will would have thought I flipped my lid if I brought home a pretty frilly pink floaty thing for them to display in their rooms!  I wonder if I was the only one who went through this thought process?

So… It was PURPOSE that was stopping me from having some fun!  How sad is that?  Isn’t the act of having fun purpose enough?  Think about it for a minute…..

Does purpose dictate your crafting?

photo 3-11

Heather Ross explaining the ins and outs of Inkodye

Well, by the second evening of the workshop, watching from afar all the lovely blooms  being produced- I finally caved.  I wanted to sit around the most colorful table at the workshop, chat and indulge in some colorful creating.  With a little direction I was on my way searching for wires and floral tape- I assembled my first paper flower, and then my second and my third….. you get the idea.  My takeaway?  It is very theraputic, quite addictive…




I don’t have a photo to show you of my completed chandelier, because sadly I didn’t complete it and the travel home left it a little shabby- BUT I gained so much more by just the experience of assembling all those papers into something 3 dimensional.

So… Have you learned anything?

Maybe sometimes it’s okay to not have a plan when crafting and just be spontaneous along the way? The worst thing that could happen is you might create something beautiful and have a hell of a lot of fun!

go ahead, try it-

I dare you!

Have a great weekend and do some reckless creating while you’re at it!


Hi everybody!  This is about the 3rd time I have tried to write a blog post in the last couple weeks.   I get started and realize that I am writing about TOO many things and my thoughts are all over the map.  The other reason a post hasn’t went up is because the “bandwidth” (I am not computer savvy, but apparently that is the amount of time it takes for my oldest son, Kenny to yell at me about hogging the internet) is very insufficient.  So I get booted off either by Kenny or by the internet itself.  If only I could do that to everyone around me when I have reached my maximum capacity.  🙂  I am just sayin’.   🙂 The possiblilities…. shall we all ponder that for a moment?….

Ahem…. back to the real world!

So in order to sum up so far what we have been up to I thought I would put together some telling pictures.


I have done a little sewing, we purchased a few 1000 piece puzzles,(from the Brewster General Store) this one is my favorite, and is all about vintage sewing!!!  I broke a bobbin while winding new thread onto it and here is a little peek of the surprise I am working on for a friend.  I am hoping to get it sent out tomorrow.

PicFrame-1 copy

I discovered an awesome quilt store here in Cape Cod, Tumbleweed Quilts.  They had a sale room that had plenty of Amy Butler fabric for 4.99 a yard!

Jim, the boys and I went to see The B52’s and The Go-Go’s!  The Go-Go’s were A-MAZ-ING and the whole show was AWESOME!!!! We had to drag the boys….. there were a few other kids dragged there by their parents as well.  My son Kenny at one moment during the concert looked at me and said “normally you dancing in public would totally embarrass me, but every other middle-aged mom here is doing the same thing, so it doesn’t bother me!  Will on the other hand had his I-Pad during the concert and was playing games. Wow… okay!

We got ourselves a paddle board!  The boys are having a great time on the pond with it.  Just as long as the snapping turtles stay away from them, it will all be good!

One more thing to show you that is oh so exciting to me…. I am famous… well, my gift is anyway.  Let me explain!

Last February I attended this workshop.  At the end of that workshop I gave a gift to Heather Ross and a gift to Gretchen Hirsch.  I gave Heather a blouse, which I got from Anthropologie, and it looked like her to me.  I’ve seen her wearing it several times in various pictures and I am thrilled that she has been enjoying it!   When I saw this picture I knew that it would be the perfect gift for Gretchen, since I knew her favorite color is pink and she had just dyed her hair pink.

capecod fabric4

Now if any of you receive Threads magazine, Gretchen has a big old article all about her sewing studio in the August/September issue.  On her wall is the GIFT that I gave her.  Look, you can read it, the caption underneath clearly states that “this picture was a gift from a student”  I am THE STUDENT!!!! Ha!  I am being a little silly while I am saying this, because it could literally be anybody….. I wish she would have mentioned my name, but oh well I am just tickled pink (pardon the pun) that Gretchen liked the picture so much that it graces her wall!  It really means a whole lot!!!!

Don’t you love giving a gift and having it be the right fit!  Such a great feeling!!

That’s all for now folks!  Hope you are having a great week!

Some New Discoveries!

I often enjoy going to other blogger’s posts to view some of their favorite things.  This week I ran across a few of my own.  Here are some places that I think are worthy of a visit or 2.

This website is full of free patterns.  You can find a pattern for virtually anything you are wanting to sew!! AND it’s FREE!!!!

I ran across this website, when I was looking for “sewing sayings”.

I bought a bunch of them!  I couldn’t resist!  You can purchase these by visiting their Etsy shop.  Sew Much Fun!!!!

Father’s Day is on the horizon, and since My hubby and I will be attending a wedding on that very day I am going to go ahead and sew my first men’s tie.  Hmmmm not sure how this is going to go, Jim hasn’t worn a tie in a very long time, so the gift of a tie may not be that well received.  I did find this pattern (Molly’s sketchbook Father’s Day Tie) on the Purl Bee website.  It’s free……which is pretty awesome, so thankyou Purl Bee.  In fact there are quite a few men’s projects for you to craft here, on Purl Bee.

This week I am hopefully finishing up some UFO’s.  I think I may have about 7 projects going at once.  Ugh…. A little overwhelming.

Well anyway..

Keep Calm and Sew On!!!

A Handmade Christmas? Is it even possible?

So here we are at the end of November, and I am just now thinking about A Handmade Christmas!  Wow, procrastinate much?  I have already “bitten off” a lot more than I can probably “chew”.  I am undertaking an 80″ X 60″ quilt for my Mom and Pops.

I started by doing a little research on what I found to be easy on the eyes and just plain easy.  I discovered this beauty on an inspiring blog Quilt Story.  There you will find an easy to follow tutorial done by Megan and Heather.  Gosh, isn’t it pretty?!  I believe mine will be a little bigger than theirs, and also a little different, mostly because as usual, I screwed up!  🙂

I wanted it to be large enough for both my parents to sit together under while watching television, and also if my dad takes a little snooze on the sofa, it will cover him from neck to toes.  There’s nothing worse than having your feet stick out under a blanket just so you can cover your shoulders or covering your feet up and then getting the “cold shoulder”.

Here’s a quick look at what I have done so far:


Three blocks completed, each measuring about 20″, just to give you some reference to the scale of what you are viewing.

There are many resources available to all of us for creating a handmade Christmas.  One thing I discovered the other day is something that came to me on Twitter.  It’s called A Hip Handmade Holiday from Craft Pack.  

A Hip Handmade Holiday - a digital craft book with 18 projects, 9 instructional videos and over 100 downloads

This awesome pdf can be purchased for 10 US dollars.  It consists of 18 craft projects that cost about $10.00 each to make.  I have it, and will be crafting some of the items included in this clever magazine.

Two other great resources that I have talked about before are, and

I am especially enjoying Creativebug at the moment.  I have once again crocheted the one skein scarf, I bought 5 more skeins of yarn today to crochet more scarves!   Creativebug has all sorts of paper workshops for decorative gift wrapping, party decorations and much ,much more.  Really, you have to stop by and check it out.

Here is a picture of the One Skein Scarf.


My last resource, is Etsy.  If I am unable to make it myself, then I will purchase a handmade item made by someone else.  Why not?  I think doing this, for me anyway, will make Christmas seem a little less overwhelming, (since crafting to me is therapy) and I love supporting my fellow artisans!  There are some very talented and creative people on Etsy.

Another Item I stumbled upon on the internet was a paper pieced Christmas Tree.  I saw one similar to the one here I have sewn up.   I just drew up my own rendition of a tree and sewed it up.  Really, it is very easy and I think if I make 2 of these they will work quite nicely for a festive table runner hmmmmm…..this might be a gift after all.  Now I just need to figure out how to paper piece a Santa- I wonder if it is even possible?!

christmas tree paperpiecing

So, as you can all see, I am going to be a little busy, cheap therapy though, eh?  Maybe you also may want to partake in A Handmade Christmas?

Have a great weekend!

A Swell Field Trip!

I told you all last week that my family and I were going to embark on a little field trip to Connecticut, to attend Jennifer Paganelli’s Sis Boom Summer Sale!  We loaded our rented mini-van on Wednesday morning with a bag full of strawberry twizzlers (for me), Sourpatch   Kids (for Kenny and Will) and some kind of M&M cookie mix for Jim.

We hadn’t been in the car more than 30 minutes when I pulled the Twizzlers out for the first time.  For those of you out there that like Red Vines, I don’t really understand why those lifeless dried up hollow pieces of red straws excite you?  I have found in this world, you are a Twizzler person or a Red Vine person.  I am usually surprised by those folks that are the Red Viners’…. they look like normal people!!! Anyway…….I am getting off topic!

Traveling with our 2 pugs and our boys for any length of time in a vehicle is always an adventure.   Kenny and Will, even at their ages (11 and 15) cannot keep their hands off of each other.  The hitting and smacking it drives you crazy, even if they are just playing.  It caused stress and is distracting to the driver!  Three and a half hours in the car with these guys ugh!  But I knew that Jennifer would be worth it!  I just knew!

We arrived to our dog friendly hotel at around 4:00 P.M.   Both Jim and I were a little bit concerned by the location of this hotel.  It did not look like the safest part of town, but It did accept dogs and there wasn’t anywhere else to try given the late time of day.  We would just have to make the best of it.

It was clearly obvious to us around 9:00 P.M. that we would not get a good night’s sleep.  This Best Western that we stayed at had an over abundance of Harley Davidson visitors.  And the pool that I promised the kids, didn’t exist.  Really not good.

The Harley Davidson visitors started their motorcycle engines several times during the night, each time causing the domino effect of first Peek A Boo barking and then Ruby followed by Jim and then me telling them in a very loud whisper to “Shut Up!”  It was a really long night and when morning finally arrived all 4 of us were a little slap happy.

We traveled about 20 minutes further to Jennifer’s studio location.  We figured out 5 minutes into the drive that we were staying on the “wrong side of the tracks”.  The other side of town was delightful.  There was a quaint side of town filled with cute shops and lovely restaurants.    Oh well, live and learn.  Right?

Jennifer resides in Wilton, CT.  As we traveled closer to her home I felt myself becoming more and more excited.  A “nervous excited” as I tell my kids when they complain that their tummy feels weird on the first day of school or they are on their way to an unfamiliar adventure.  I tell them, It’s a good thing.  A good thing and a normal thing to have a “nervous excited” feeling.  I was about to meet a very impressive person, that has been able to do something that I have been only able to dream about.

The Paganelli residence was something out of a magazine.  Not an unrealistic version of a magazine spread, like something from a Martha Stewart photo shoot, but a comfortable, beautiful setting where real people live.

This is how we found Jennifer’s house!  And might I also say, we were the first to arrive (probably because we were 20 minutes early).  I didn’t want to appear creepy or stalkingish and when we pulled up into her driveway I got stage fright and didn’t know what to do.  Out came Jennifer Paganelli, she looked into our van, saw Peek A Boo and pretty much knew who I was (we had been tweeting one another).  She plucked me out of the van and invited me into her home (my men went on to kill time). Jennifer asked me, “so what is it that you would like to be doing with the fabric industry?”   What brings you here?          Wow!  I spent the next several minutes before all the other enthusiastic shoppers arrived picking her brain and asking her how she got started into the fabric designing business.  That’s what I really want to do.  I want to design fabrics.  I am not sure if I have ever divulged this small tidbit of information with you all.  Jennifer is a mountain of information regarding this very subject.  So I am pretty sure that she and I will stay in touch.

Here is a picture of jennifer and myself.  Look we are matchers.  I am actually wearing her Meghan Dress Pattern.  I sewed this dress with a Liesl Gibson print.

Feast your eyes on all the beautiful yards and yards of fabric!


A ruffled tablecloth sits beneath stacks and stacks of jennifer’s Books, Girls World and Happy Home.  If you order either one of these books through her website, she will even sign it for you and it may even come with a fat quarter of Super Fly wrapped around it!  So much fun.

I used the Superfly fat quarter that Jennifer sent me to construct this bag.  My “Happy Home” book I ordered from her was wrapped in it!                                      

These gorgeous hand made handbags were for sale.  How to decide?

A happy home!  Jennifer’s front porch.

George, the family dog meandered his way through all the elated shoppers.  Exiting and entering often with a different chew toy.  He is so cute, like a magic carpet ride!

Here are all the goodies I scored and I also purchased a few things that were used in her photo shoots for her books.

The second dress is the Jamie Dress pattern sewn in Jennifer’s new Fabric Happy Land in  Eloise print “sky” color.  It’s not out yet- when it is though, you better order quick.  I have a feeling this one is going to fly off the shelves!  The Jamie Dress, is available for downloading straight from Jennifer’s website!

I love meeting women in our sewing community.  They are hardworking people that are just trying to get themselves out there.  Jennifer Paganelli is a hardworking gal with a warm heart.  She surrounds herself with wonderful people such as her assistant Madeline Rhodes, husband Peter and two wonderful children.   I was fortunate enough to meet her lovely daughter.

This was indeed a great  SWELL field trip!  I enjoyed it immensely.  Now, our next trip is back to the west coast.  A trip I am both happy for and also sad.  Sad to say goodbye to the East, sad to head to the West, and also a little happy to be going to the West.  I think I am more of an Eastern Gal though.

 Until next time- Stay happy and healthy!

VIP Treatment For Clothes? You’re Darn Right!

Do you ever think about how you treat your clothes?  Looking at my closet gave me pause to think.  I realized that “those” clothes I purchase at retail stores tend to be treated harshly and “those” that I have home sewn, get the VIP Treatment.

(Is it wrong that I segregate my hand sewn clothes?  Here they are on their own little rack)               

Mommie Dearest

Joan Crawford might have a little something to say about the hangers I am using and not the segregation of my home sewn garments!  Remember her famous line from Mommie Dearest?  “No more wire hangers, ever!”  I am not judging her parenting style by any means……..Whoops- I am a little off topic……back to my original topic.

I certainly am more careful when I eat while wearing my sewn clothes and when I am wearing them around my kids, I wouldn’t dare use my sleeve to wipe a runny nose like I would in my store-bought clothes.  (If you have kids don’t act like you have never done this out of pure panic, and if you don’t have kids yet or someday you do have kids YOU too will do this, mark my words).


If you had this big mess and didn’t have any tissue, you would use your sleeve too!  Poor Leaky Lindsay!

After a day of wearing my home sewn clothes, they are either hung or folded promptly and put into their rightful spots.  Retail clothes, might live on the floor for a little while before going to where they belong.  Yikes!  I know, I can be a slob…. I am working on this, really!

These clothes that we work on for many hours, making sure that each and every detail is up to our standards are treated as if they are our very own children.  I don’t think I would ever loan out a piece of clothing that I have sewn, but store-bought I would lend out no problem.  I become very attached to these articles of clothing.  Even the items that I view as huge mistakes, I can’t seem to get rid of.  I hang on to them hoping that I will have some sort of epiphany as to how I can salvage it.

 Still waiting for an epiphany on this one….

The heavy black corduroy doesn’t drape like it should and the arm openings just aren’t right- since it is the wrong season to wear corduroy, I’ll wait until the Fall to fix this one.    🙂

There is this dress too, that I never really figured out how to finish the back.  

This one can wait as well!

That’s all for now folks.  Happy Father’s Day to all the dads!

Happy Sunday!

Massachusetts Monday- No Manic Monday Here!

For all you Bostonians….. “We’re Baaaack”…..   The crazy Wirth’s are in town.   We arrived yesterday with too many suitcases and two crazy dogs.  Those knucklehead dogs.  Ruby slept on my lap the whole way and Peek-A-Boo slept in her “studio apartment” all the way.  This would be her bag under the seat.  She wasn’t real thrilled about it, picture the Tasmanian Devil– that is exactly how she behaved until she sucumbed to the drug.

Ruby on the left and Peekers.

Peekers and sneakers.

(Sorry can’t resist a few cute pictures of the girls)

I have started off my first morning as many Bostonians do every day.  A “regular” Dunkin Donuts Coffee and a “coffee roll”  (a coffee roll is not a donut by the way- I learned this from the DD people themselves, last year).  Mmmmmmm, so good and so bad for you all at the same time.  It’s a beautiful thing!

It is really great to be here in Cape Cod, before the season actually starts.  There isn’t much traffic and we get to see this area slowly “wake up”.  I just love it here.  Our little slice of heaven.  If you haven’t been, you really must.

I wanted to show you my mini-makeover of our foyer in our California house.  I didn’t have much time to complete it like I really wanted to- but I did manage to craft a few blinds before we vacated the premises.  Here are some before and after shots.

Someday, perhaps I will do a tutorial on making a shade.  I used all the old hardware from the original shades to craft these two and it worked out okay, thank goodness!

So I am off to “food shop” as they call it here.  Our fridge is bare.   😦

I also want to give a shout out to Lavender from Threadsquare.  She lives in these parts- and I would love to have coffee or a drink, if she can make time to meet one of her biggest fans!!!   🙂

Have a wonderful, wonderful Monday!!!!

Packing It In….Literally

When Sunday rolls around, our family will be headed for Cape Cod Mass, for 2 fun-filled months of beaching, biking, barbecuing…..”Todays post brought to you by the letter B”!!!!

 I just love the East coast, when compared to the West, here in California anyway, it is much simpler and easier, in a way.  You go to the beach covered in sunblock and read a book, while the kids swim and dig holes, many holes.  The people in the East are so Patriotic and friendly, they celebrate Independence Day as though it’s Christmas with all the houses decked out in Red, White and Blue, It is quite the event.

With my mom, safely home in Michigan from her vacay here in California I can now concentrate on packing for Cape Cod.  I am bringing many sewing projects to get me through the summer.  I have to say that I am pretty excited to narrow down those many  projects to a few.  Sometimes I have so many projects that I would like to accomplish that it becomes overwhelming and unattainable.  I also have a sewing workshop planned for late June that takes place in Vermont!  A place I have never been. This is a Heather Ross Workshop which should be a ton of fun!

Packing for Cape Cod is one thing, but I have also been trying to pack in a few sewing projects before heading East.  I have sewn another pair of Clovers, Iris Shorts and a Sencha.  All from Colette Patterns.  Here are a few photos.

This is my Sencha that I sewed with Liberty Of London Fabric.  I embellished this particular blouse with a piping that I made all myself!

Here are some close-up shots of my handy work.  And……

this is the blister that I acquired from turning my bias tape inside out onto the piping!  Ouch!

Clovers and Iris to follow…

Both in the same mellow yellow fabric.

One more thing before I go, I was pretty excited about this!

The lovely Caitlin from Coletterie and Colette Patterns contacted me and asked if I would like to be a featured seamstress of the week!  Jumping for joy, I gave her a very enthusiastic YES!

Here is the link to my feature.  I was just tickled pink with this opportunity that took place at the end of May.  For me, this was such an honor and I thank both Sarai and Caitlin for doing this for me.  Thank you!  I was also able to finish the MMM 2012 with much success! (Did I mention this in an earlier blog?  Sorry if I did).
 Very fun.  Thanks to everyone for all your encouragement!
This has been a very jam packed month!!!
Next time you hear from me I will be on Eastern Standard Time and loving it!!!

Left, Right, Middle and Hope For The Best!

Do you have a beef?  I  do.  Well, maybe beef is a little too harsh for this pet peeve that I have.  I don’t mean to pick on pattern companies, there probably aren’t many other options out there for creating  multi-sized patterns.

I went looking through my patterns to find a good example of what I am going to write about but wouldn’t you know it? I couldn’t find exactly what I wanted.  So let’s just start with this picture, shall we?


We have all seen these overlapping lines when we are working with a pattern, and like I said, this is not the extreme of what I wanted to show you.  Sometimes you get a pattern that can have many sizes all merging onto one pattern piece.  There are patterns out there that can have a size 0 to a size 20, where do all those lines end up?  They merge together into one very thick line and THIS is where I say “left, right or center”.  You make the choice.  I find this to be comical when there is an extremely thick line.  It’s just funny and I guess it makes me wonder what the pattern creator was thinking the pattern user was going to do with this thick black line?

I always approach this as if I am at a party and I might have had a little too much tequila (not that this has ever happened). If you are seeing double or triple, you always choose the one in the center, right?  So that’s what I do, that and make a muslin, when I can!

Anyway let’s get on with the MMM 2012.  Here are Days 11, 12, 13 and today, Day 14.

Day 11

A “me-made” reversible belt.

Day 12 and 13.

A yellow “me-made” polka dot ponytail holder and for Day 13, Mother’s Day, another Sorbetto.  I just can’t help it, I love the Sorbetto so!  I used up all my gingham bias tape and then some creating this one.

And today, Day 14.

We are heading into San Francisco to a Giants game.  So I pulled out the polka dot orange headband to honor the Giants’ colors.  This is an evening game and it is sure to be very cold!  I will probably  be wearing a knit cap over this headband!

Happy Sewing!