100 Days- Goes Fast!

I started my #the100dayproject on January 21st.  The last day for me was May 1st.  100 days went by very, very fast.  I am really surprised by the speed of this particular project.   My previous 100 day project from last year seemed to drag on for me.  Maybe it was because I didn’t know what to expect, maybe it was because part was done in California and the other part took place in Massachusetts (Cape Cod).  I don’t know…..What I do know is that the subject matter I chose was a hell of a lot of fun!

There are many subjects I am interested in.  There are few that I visit each day.  One that I very much enjoy visiting each day is real estate, Old real estate in particular.  I enjoy the hunt, history and design and if that old home happens to have an old ghost as a resident than all the better!  I DO love a good ghost story.  (My Aunt Candy always told the best Ghost Stories to my sister and I when we would visit her in Johnstown, Pennsylvania.  This was over 40 years ago.)

So I found that combining my love of old real estate and drawing would be the perfect package for me.  I decided I wanted to render older homes (100+years old) and  I found that visiting Circa Old Houses and Realtor dot Com daily, was a great way to find my subject matter, but sometimes a friend or a relative would bring a particular property to my attention.

This home below was found on Realtor.com.  It is/was for sale in Milton, Massachusetts.

1837 milton, mass

Now for my rendition of this lovely home below.


How would I describe my artwork?…. I am not sure.  I do use my “creative license” to interpret the house how I see it and how I can illustrate it the best.  It isn’t perfect, and it isn’t meant to be.  If you compare the photo to my drawing you can see that there may not be exact window placement or size…. as well as other differences.  For me though, it is/was a success, AND as I said before… A Hell of A lot of FUN!

Below a photo of Beaumont Tower from Michigan State University.

beaumont Tower erected in 1928

AND my Original artwork of Beaumont Tower.

Screen Shot 2018-05-19 at 1.14.26 PM

Next a lovely old home for sale in Norwalk, Connecticut and below this photo you will see my original artwork of this home.

19840 norwalk connScreen Shot 2018-05-19 at 1.35.04 PM.png

This was one of my favorite homes I rendered.

I was very surprised when I was contacted to do commissions by folks that were following my 100 day project on instagram.  I did quite of few commissions and I will welcome more.  What a kick.  Maybe I should set up that Etsy shop?

1900 columbus Ohio

This beautiful brick home is in Columbus, Ohio.

Screen Shot 2018-05-19 at 2.21.50 PM.png

Thanks for reading! See you next time!

Tracey Wirth Designs on MassDrop

I am super elated to announce today that my fabric collection Floral Flurries in both colorways is now for sale on MassDrop!  It will be available from today, September 29th through October 7th in a Fat Quarter Bundle.

In this industry I am always searching for a hero.  Someone who is going to give me a chance,  let me get my foot in the door, so to speak- and Sandy from MassDrop is one of those people. She was approached initially by my husband Jim (my always hero) who has a contact at MassDrop.  Sandy was open to viewing and hearing all about my design work. We worked together to bring this to fruition and I just couldn’t be more stoked.

The quality and hand of this fabric is exceptional.  It was printed in South Korea and is also the same exact place that not only Cloud 9 has their fabric printed, but Art Gallery as well! Super exciting.  It really is a joy to work with.

Selling this product through MassDrop is a great opportunity for me to show and share some of my work with a greater audience. I really hope it is received well.

peekabooin TraceyWirthDesigns-01.png

In celebration of this momentous occasion I  am also releasing a pattern that I designed for The Peekaboo Zippy Pouch.   


I have personally tested it, and written it, so please, let me know if you see any errors… I am sure I missed something given the late nights I’ve had writing it.  I am probably also way to wordy with my directions, I find it hard to know how much to simplify it, since there is no way of me knowing what level each and everyone is at.

Just e-mail me (Traceywirth@comcast.net) with any questions or any errors you see, okay?  Thanks!

peekabooin TraceyWirthDesigns-02.png

This pouch pattern is perfect for me, and hopefully others out there.  I use it to carry my soft covered moleskine 10″ x 7.5″ sketchbook and pencils, pens, eraser and a very small moleskine (that keeps track of ideas and appointments and such).  It’s been really great for travel, because my I-phone, earbuds and wallet also get stashed in it.  It’s all in one place and easy to get to! Yay!!!

If you have a chance and you are loving the fabric I made my pouch out of- hop on over to MassDrop and Treat Yo-Self!


The Floral Flurries Collection by Tracey Wirth Designs Offered By MassDrop in a Fat Quarter Bundle

Happy Friday everyone! Have a crafty weekend!!


Just When you Need It!

Sometimes something happens right when you REALLY need it!  I often talk about how being in the business of surface design is like a rollercoaster ride.  Many times this rollercoaster ride seems to have more nosedives than blastoffs!  Those nosedives?  They are usually provoked by that “evil little inner voice” that likes to compare my work to others and tell me “you’ll never amount to anything”.  Most days I can push this “voice” aside, not listen and not buy into it, but some days it gets hold of me and pulls me down that rabbit hole.  Ugh, if any of you have this issue, you know the place I am talking about. It’s a dark, ugly space where creative juices dry up and optimism is unheard of.  You know that song by Sam Phillips, “Where the Colors Don’t Go”? well, her lyrics explain it all.  Nothing grows there, especially color!


So getting on with my story, and it’s a very good one!  Two weeks ago I did a little four question “e-mail interview” with a lovely woman named Rose that works with the “On The Surface” (SURTEX) E- Newsletter. You probably remember I exhibited at SURTEX 2016, last May.  This e-mail popped into my inbox (which usually I tend to delete even before reading because I think it may be junk from an on-line marketer trying to sell their services), but this time I opened and read it. Thank goodness I did.  This was JUST WHAT I NEEDED, JUST WHEN I NEEDED IT!

This e-mail was from a lovely person by the name of Rose Gilbert.  She had questions as to what I did last summer, how my summer inspired my creativity and about life after SURTEX.  At the time, I answered the questions attached some artwork, as they requested and sent it immediately back, thinking “this may end up being nothing, but who knows” and I totally forgot about it!!!!

A few days ago, to my surprise, and in a slump, a newsletter popped into my inbox from “On The Surface”, the e-newsletter from SURTEX.   I scanned through it, completely forgetting about the interview I did and all of a sudden I saw my face!  OMG!  I didn’t even read it, I handed my phone over to my husband and he started to read it to me!  To say that I was shocked, was an understatement.  I really did forget about it.  Rose made me sound so much more like an artist (and a grown-up) than I view myself to be!  Below you can read part of the SURTEX e-newsletter!


When you head over to the SURTEX website, there doesn’t seem to be a place to access this particular newsletter.  You will find older newsletters there, but not this one for some reason.  I am not sure why, but I am sure many, many attendees and exhibitors received this e-newsletter edition in their mailbox, just as I did.

So I guess you can say I am on the upswing of the rollercoaster ride.  I know it won’t last forever, but I am going to enjoy this feeling for a little while before it’s time to experience the next dip.

Have a great week everyone!

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