My Name is Tracey and I live in the San Francisco Bay Area.  I was born and raised in Michigan, and I went to Michigan State University.  Soon after graduation I moved to the Bay Area.  You can take the girl out of Michigan, but you can’t take the Michigan out of the girl.  I am married with 2 boys, Kenny is 17 and Will is 12.  We have 2 pugs, (Ruby 10 and Peek-A-Boo 2 years).  They are silly little dogs that make life interesting and also exhausting. My main hobby consists of sewing….. It all started when I was a kid and I was forced to take 4H for sewing – dragged by my mom.  Fast forward many years later, I have a very small business that is all about me sewing and selling my goods, mostly  Gosh Golly Goods -and now I can’t thank mom enough!  Sometimes “mom is always right”!  Recently I have discovered a whole new exciting world of sewing!  I can actually sew clothes that fit my shape!  And I find it so fun to reinvent my wardrobe….. one stitch at a time!!!! 


  1. Hi! I have nominated you for the Liebster Award! I feel that you have a lot to share. Looking forward to MORE! Please visit my post for “Liebster Award Nominees” for instructions. Thanks!

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