A few years back I started a quilt that I now call “IT”.  “IT” represents my depression and this quilt was me working through “IT” with sewing and embroidery.

This was therapeutic for me. There was no measuring, or stitch perfection.  I threw some of my own textile designs in this quilt- and the whole combination of fabrics together is not very attractive, and it is meant to make you feel a certain way- uncomfortable.

I was not feeling well when I worked on it and it shows.

“IT” is raw, and there are a lot of not nice things I say about myself. IMG_0554



There are proclamations made, like “IT can hide behind my smile” and “IT makes me feel Heavy”.  Dates are embroidered on it stating a time when I tried to end my life.

I was diagnosed with “IT” in 1992, and this quilt states that also.


This isn’t meant to be a blog post of sadness. It is a post of Tenacity.


As you can see, “I am a warrior”!

 I am also

tenacious and I will not allow

“IT” to take me.

Tenacity is my chosen word for 2020- Have you chosen a word for 2020?


  1. My creative time helps IT. I have not been diagnosed with IT. But IT is with me everyday. I find ways to challenge IT and expressing creatively helps me with IT. I am sure creativity helps you too. Way to power through IT.

    • Aww thanks Shawn- you certainly do not need to be diagnosed with IT to k ow you have it. Normally life is hard anyway – but when IT is in the mix life is just so much harder! Hang in there friend. You ever need to talk. I’m your gal!! Xxxooo

  2. A very sad post to see and read. I pray that IT is just a journal. I am also happy to see that you are a warrior and struggle to overcome IT. I do enjoy reading all that you have accomplished in your life. I find you simply AMAZING! You have no idea how much this Auntie loves you.

  3. Love you, Tracey! And your word for this year is wonderful. You are a warrior, you are tenacious, you are talented, you are strong.
    My word is courage…I was scared to choose it, but I picked it anyhow. 😉

    • I love that word Erin! Courage! There are so many that I hear like yours… that I want to use also. But there is always next year! You are always so inspiring! And I love you girl!

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