The Garden Wall Quilt

As my earlier post stated, I was super busy with SURTEX preparations for the last several months.  In February my sister-in-law Debbie approached me. You may remember I gave Debbie a quilt I made for her Christmas gift.  She asked me if I would help her make a quilt for her daughter (my niece) Taylor’s graduation gift.

It’s funny, she said help- and of course I would help- but I knew she hadn’t sewn before, and even though we meant to do a few lessons over a year ago in preparation for this very moment, those lessons never happened, and I knew that helping meant more like making. Help=Make

“Not a problem” I told her.  And I really meant it.  Somehow I would get all these sewing projects done for SURTEX, I had no idea how and if it were even possible, but I told her I would have it done for Taylor’s graduation.

You know it always seems impossible, until it’s done.  

Since the word HELP was thrown into the mix of our conversation, I thought I would have her hold up her end of the deal.  So I first asked Debbie to pick a pattern from Pinterest.  She was looking for something that was saturated with color, beautiful, young and sort of bohemian.  She said she couldn’t decide, there were too many to choose from and she didn’t know where to start.  So I did some assisting by choosing a handful of designs that seemed to lean toward the aesthetic she was looking for.

She chose that one I thought she would.  It is the prettiest and most saturated, AND also the one that had the most cutting and piecing! So I had her come over one afternoon to help me cut, and cut and cut and cut.  And then cut some more!

The quilt pattern she chose was the Garden Wall Quilt, by Anna Maria Horner.  This quilt has 5 different sizes of rectangles and squares.  There were 9 blocks in the quilt, with each one consisting of  51 cut pieces!!  I can safely say that the cutting was the most labor intensive part of making this quilt.


I used all Anna Maria Horner fabrics, from many of her different collections and they were mostly purchased from Etsy.  It was pretty impossible for me to find any of Anna’s Garden Party collection anywhere, so I had to wing it and I used her other fabrics.

I did follow Anna’s pattern as closely as I could, with fabric substitutes and the results were fairly similar. After all the cutting was done, the quilt went together easily- and it was great that Debbie came and spent an afternoon cutting fabric.I really enjoyed our time  chatting it up AND the extra set of hands were hugely helpful!

anna's quilt-01
Anna Maria Horner’s Garden Wall Quilt



Taylor’s quilt was made larger than Anna’s pattern called for.  My niece has legs for days and I really wanted the quilt to cover her from head to toe.


I used some small pieces of my designed fabrics with Anna’s fabrics on the backside.  It was fun to see my designs quilted in circles. I completed this quilt in about 2 weeks.  Whew, I did cut it close!



I always take a “box shot” with my completed quilt tucked neatly in a box ready for gifting.

My lovely niece Taylor!IMG_9897

Taylor seemed to really love her quilt.  This should keep her cozy at college, and remind her of all of us who love and miss her when she is away.  I hope she feels all the love that went into every cut and stitch of this quilt.

disneyland 05 parents visit 105
Joint Birthday celebration with my son Will, Aunt Heather and my niece Taylor.  I’m not sure how old Will and Taylor are here, but it’s safe to say, this was many years ago!!

Gosh, I really have no idea where time goes!


  1. Tracey — this lets me relive how beautiful the quilt is and how lucky I am to have such a talented and creative sister in law. I also knew that my help would not be that helpful 🙂 and could actually hurt the outcome. As Tay gets ready to leave for college this is her prized possession that’s coming along and when we set up her dorm – I know this will be the thing that connects her to home. Thank you. Love, Deb

    • Debbie! You silly goose, you did see that I said you were ALOT of help, yes? Because you were! WE all win, because I am super super lucky to have such a beautiful, caring sister-in-law, I know you are always there if I need anything and might I also say- I am SO honored you asked me to help you construct such a meaningful piece of art. I was so fortunate to be part of something so special…. Now what about Jack’s quilt????:-)

  2. This is beautiful! How are things going with your fabric line? Any bites? I loved the bits of your fabric added to the back – just beautiful – as always. g

    • Hey gal!! It’s great to hear from you! There is a lot going on with me- things are moving along. I got myself an agent😜 And there has been some interest as of late with my fabric. So we’ll see. Thanks for reading! Xxoo

  3. You’re an amazing artist!!! I’m so proud to say I went to HS with you! You and Bobby Sabuda! My claims to fame. 🙂

    • Thanks Colleen! You are very sweet- I think Bob Sabuda is waaaaay out of my league and so so so super talented- off the charts!! It is so great to hear from you, I am just so thankful for folks like you my friend!!

  4. Beautiful quilt Tracey! Your niece is a lucky girl. BTW, I like your quilt better than AMH’s!! The colors are wonderful. Xo

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