Where have I been?

Where have I been??  I have been making many things, learning many things, and drawing, lots of drawing!!!   I though I would show you the many things I have made recently (over the last year) to explain my very apparent absence.

I quilted and finished these quilts that we started at Sew South for Valerie from Betweenquilt.blogspot.com.  Valerie collects handmade quilts and then sends them off to children in Guatemala City.  Please go here for a better explanation.




I sewed a Caravan Bag pattern by Noodlehead for my Secret Post Sew South Sister.  It turned out pretty good, and I used Cotton and Steel fabric. Who doesn’t love that fabric.  I also used some Art Gallery fabric to quickly stitch up an “Everyday Skirt” Skirt, by Liesl Gibson.










I participated in a Creativelive Class, taught by the very (at the time) pregnant Bonnie Christine.  The class?  Design, Print and Build Your Portfolio with Bonnie Christine.  This was such a great class to be in the studio for.  Bonnie is super nice!


This is the portfolio I then constructed when I got home, with all that knowledge I acquired from The Creativelive Class!


My youngest son, Will, graduated from 8th Grade.  His older brother Kenny was home for the summer-yay- and was able to attend also.


I sewed up a very fun caravan pouch.  I use this everyday and I mean everyday! I love it!


I sewed up many of these cute wallets over the summer.  This is just 2 of about 6 I made. This is a pattern by the very cute maker…LR Stitched.  I don’t know if she is ever going to have this pattern up for sale, but in the meantime you can check out her website.

IMG_8465 2 I gave this pink and black wallet to my friend Shirley and the one above to my mom. They are so fun to make and put the fabrics together.
IMG_8406 2

I sewed up this wallet for myself and I use it all the time.  I may need to stitch up a new one for winter.


So I also had a project published in Modern Patchwork over the summer.  The “Knotty and Nice”  wristlet.  Totally exciting!  So fun, I have another project coming out in the Winter edition of Modern Patchwork, the “Sinchy Sack” backpack.  Look for it this month!



I have taken some on-line courses to polish up on my surface design skills “The Art and Business of Surface Pattern Design” with Rachael  Taylor.  This was a good class, I felt like I was over looked a lot.    I found it frustrating as to who Rachael would highlight…- but then again, there were many of us that were not highlighted.

Below is some of my work I created from the class.

card crazy moped-01


Then I took another class, this time with Lilla Rogers. She represents a few selective talented artists, but she is also an artist and teacher.  I took her Make Art That Sells part A class.

I found it very challenging and I not only loved it, I hated it too!! Mostly because it was so challenging!!  Some of my artwork below…



Tracey_Wirth_BeFree_6A_Week4 Tracey_Wirth_PastaParty_6A_Wk1 Tracey_Wirth_TheWhiteCat_6A_Wk3 Tracey_Wirth_WoodlandWonders_Wk2

Great class,  and I am signed up for 4 more of her classes.

Plus I will be at Surtex in May with my own booth- I have lots of work to do!

I worked on a quilt over the summer made up of wonky stars.

IMG_8014 2

This is for our friend Denise.  I gave it to her at the end of Summer. I told her when I can’t be there to give her a hug (she is battling cancer), she should wrap herself in this quilt- and know that it is her West Coast family giving her a HUGE hug!


I embroidered it with words that I thought of when I thought of Denise.  Beauty, Hope, Inspiration, Friend, Heart, Laughter, Strength and “Giddy Up”- which is something she has always said.

Well, Denise battled with Multiple Myeloma for the last 9 years.  You wouldn’t know it though.  Her smile would light up a room and she was always up for a celebration.  In fact, everyday to Denise, she lived as if it were her last and she lived it to the fullest.

She passed away on Thanksgiving.

Everyone who was ever lucky enough to have known her was a better person for it. She gave me more than I could ever have given her.  I love her and I miss her.  Her family and friends grieve for her.  Jim and I are headed to Boston on Thursday to attend her funeral.


Stay well and hug all your loved ones a little tighter.

Come back on December 10th for a special blog post.  I am participating in Ellison Lane’s Handmade Holidays.  I am a guest blogger along with many others, so come back and make sure to enter for the giveaway hosted by Ellison Lane!










  1. oh, tracy! you have been busy. i love knowing that you are pursuing your dream…it will happen! i am sorry to hear about your loss. it sounds like denise was an amazing friend. xo.

    • Hi Erin, Thank you for your encouragement. Also for your condolences. Life is short, and I am going to live like Denise, she always live each day to it’s fullest- even before she was battling cancer. Huge loss for everyone.

  2. Another wonderful post that I enjoyed very much reading. You are a very busy lady! I love everything you made. Losing someone is so very hard. I am sorry for your loss. I had a friend that passed way too soon. I took her cat into my fold.

    • Oh my goodness- you lost a friend too? You are right it is so hard- how wonderful you adopted her cat- that is so sweet- and was probably helpful to you to have a little something from her- Thanks for visiting my website and commenting- I have looked at your site- and it is awesome! I am following now- maybe you can inspire me to get the heavy tools out and build something magnificent!!

      • Tracey you are so sweet! I am looking forward to having you stop by my blog. I’m hoping reading your blog will make me see more! Take care and be well! Koko:)

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