Doris Day Turns 90!

Last year it was announced that there was going to be a big birthday party for Doris Day’s 90th birthday.  I guess I am part of her fan club, so I received the e-mail announcement.  The very next day after discussing it with Jim, he called to reserve “our” spot.  Sadly, it was already “all booked up”.  Ugh!  This was right around the same time when I sent the Ellen quilt off and was waiting to hear something, anything.


As you can imagine, I was feeling pretty bad.  I had put the whole Doris Day Birthday Party out of my mind and moved on with life, forgetting that Jim put us on a waiting list for the birthday party package.  This included not only a whole weekend stay in Doris Day’s hotel, The Cypress Inn, but also admission into THE EVENT.  The Doris Day 90th Birthday Party!


Fast forward to late January, we were phoned regarding an opening to attend all the Doris Day festivities.  Yay!  We made our plans!

I think some spots opened up because some people backed out after they learned Doris would not be making an appearance.  As much as I wanted to meet Doris, the next best thing for me would be to surround myself with other DD fans who also enjoy her music and movies, people who would get me.  My other thought was, this is probably as close as I will ever get to meeting Doris.  They were also offering pictures with Doris’ own dog Daisy- so….. that was pretty close, right?   All the proceeds would be going towards Doris Day’s own organization The Doris Day Animal Foundation.  How could you go wrong with that?

Doris resides in Carmel, California.  Her hotel, also in Carmel, is very charming.  It’s not showy or overdone, it’s not huge or impersonal, it’s just right.  The Cypress Inn is a place of comfort.  You are free to bring and stay with your 4 legged best friend.  In fact, I sort of felt funny that both Ruby and Peekaboo were not with us.


The first night’s activity for Doris Day’s Birthday Party was a live concert that took place across the street from the Cypress Inn.  We listened to the musical stylings of Laura Didier (vocals) and Jim Martinez (piano).

Doris Day has a special sweetness to her voice.  It is very distinctive, and I know if you are a fan you know exactly what I mean.   Laura sang beautifully and nearly had that “sweetness”.    During the performance the piano player played a message from Doris, in which she thanked us for all coming and said that she loved us.  It made me cry.  Just to hear her voice and to know that I was one of the many that she was thanking!

The next evening was the big event.  I had wanted to wear one of my many dresses that I have sewn, but nearly all of them were too big in the bust area.  Figures, you lose a little weight and it all comes off in your chest!  Anyway- I purchased a dress from Nordstrom.  A  navy blue polka dot number, and it was perfect!


The party was AHHHHH MAZING!  I met so many great people- all of us Doris fans, of course.


The tables were beautifully decorated and named in honor of Doris’ many dogs.   We sat at “Spottie.”  Peter Marshall was one of our emcee’s.  He was also amazing.  He really does look the same.  His speaking voice sounds the same, and his singing voice- well, it’s beautiful.  He’s as sharp as a tac and he is so kind.  I am so glad, I was able to meet him.


I was pretty happy with how the evening was going.  I mean what’s not to like? I met Peter Marshall and a lot of other great folks- I would say it was a great evening.  There was that little nagging feeling of, “it would have been so awesome if Doris Day would have showed up”.  All of us were talking about it.  In fact from the deck of the Quail Lodge, you could see the very awning of her house!  Taking turns, we posed for pictures, so that the awning was in the background.  Stalkerish, huh?  We as a whole, figured it was going to be our last and closest chance to meet her.


You can only imagine how elated everyone was when Doris walked into her own birthday party!  I nearly fell off my chair!  Really!  Jim said that all of us fans looked like the screaming fans at a Beatles concert.  When I say fans, I am talking men and women, so you can imagine the display!  The picture above of my new friend, Chanmony, and I shows you just how excited we were.  Chanmony’s  husband took this picture.   Chanmony looks pretty and all collected, me on the other hand- I look like a crazy lady!

Swarms of people surrounded Doris.  I didn’t want to be one of those people.  I’m short, and I just couldn’t get a good look.  So  Chanmony and I stood on our chairs, we still couldn’t see.

Jim got some great pictures though.  He’s my bumble, and being as tall as he is, he is always able to see above the hoards of people.


I wish I could put into words how much seeing Doris meant to me.  The evening was AHHHH- MAZING.  The music, the people and the masterly cut video displaying many facets of Doris’ life, her activism, entertainment  and private parts of her life.

I tried, with Jim’s prompting, to weasel my way into meeting Doris.  Both times I was turned away.  Jim thought that if I batted my eyelashes at the security guard, he would allow me a quick hello- but to no avail.  I guess I am too old for those shenanigans to work.  Doggone it!  Who am I fooling?  I have NEVER had those powers!

  Finally after the cake and all the auction items were auctioned off, a big announcement was made.  Doris wanted to meet everyone!  So the large group of Doris Fans, made a line, to spend a short 30 seconds each to say “hello”.

Here are the pictures that were taken by Jim during my 30 seconds of Doris time.  Just so everybody knows, I am a totally understanding fan.  As Doris looked over at me, she reached for a glass of water, and then she took her hand away.  I said, “Oh, no Doris, you go ahead and drink your water”!  So 10 seconds of my time was spend watching her drink her water.  Which was just fine with me!




I really should have smacked that woman’s arm for reaching in front of me like she did!  How rude!!!


…and the fish was THIS BIG!



While I was gazing into her beautiful eyes, the police man standing behind us, holding onto his gun, might I add…. yelled “That’s it young lady, times up”!  It scarred the heck out of me, I jumped up….


I think I said goodbye…. I don’t know. She did giggle at one point and I do remember saying to her “oh my gosh, your giggle sounds just like it does in the movies!”  To be honest with you all, other than commenting on her giggle, I haven’t any idea what I really said.  I could have been singing “row, row, row your boat”- for all I know.  Maybe that’s why she giggled!

After leaving Doris, Jim stepped in and quickly told Doris that “the woman you just met is my wife and she loves you so much…” I hopped back in and got the officer’s attention and said, “Thank you for calling me young lady” :).

I sobbed like a baby in front of everybody after meeting her.  I am not sure what hit me.  Meeting Doris was a dream come true.  I never thought that day would come (no pun intended), and it did AND it was amazing!



    • Hi Susan! How the heck are you? It was a blast- so glad you stopped by to read. Hopefully she will come out more now, her people seemed to think she might want to!xxooo

  1. So, you are the one on your knees! It looked like you were pleading for your life, but I love the shot. I’m going to use it in my next DD video about the party, if you don’t mind. I’m so happy for you. We are all waiting for next year now. Bless Doris and hoping for great health for next year’s party. She seem to thoroughly enjoy this year’s get together.

    • Hi Kay! Go ahead and use the picture, I would be honored! It was a life changing experience for me and I am sure many others! Thank you so much for stopping by and reading my post!

      • Thank you. I will send you a link to the video when I get it up on YouTube. It will be a memory for you!! – Kay

  2. That was so nice to read. I too, would love to have gone to meet her. Glad someone’s wish came true! Thanks for the post.

  3. I just LOVED your reporting on the big event! Thank you so much for representing so many of us who would loved to have been there. 🙂

  4. I love your adventures Tracey — you tell your story with such color and life!! I’m so very happy you met your DD!!

  5. Tracey~ I finally got my video about the party on YT!!! And, of course, you are in it and I put the name of this web spot with your photo! Here is the YT address:
    I hope that works. If not, contact me right away. You are so cute in the video with your hands
    clasped together – been there, done that!! – Enjoy – Lauren Kay.

  6. You are so lucky. I love Doris too. I would love to meet her. All my life I have been a fan of Miss Day, since I was two or three years old. God bless you for sharing this wonderful experience. @gina7491 – Regina Garza.

    • Thanks Regina! I wish you could meet her too. She had such a great time- so good of a time that some were saying she said she might want to come out for things more often! Thanks for reading!

  7. Hi Tracey! Such a great story and so happy to revisit this experience. It was amazing and wonderful to meet you and Jim as well. Hope you’re enjoying the handbag and scarf! My best to you both. -Paul

    • Hi Paul! Doesn’t it seem like an eternity ago when we attended Doris’ Birthday Party? We had so much fun with you Boston Paul! I am so afraid to use the scarf and handbag..Hope you come see us in the Cape! Really! YOU SHOULD!

      • It does seem like an eternity. It was neat to meet so many cool people. Was looking at Chanmony’s pic with Doris. Doris looked so sincere in her comforting Chanmony. Would love to visit you at the Cape. Hope everyone is well! Thanks again for a great recap of this special weekend! Great story!

  8. Hi Tracey
    What a great article and pictures. So enjoyed all the comments. So nice meeting you at the DD 90th at the Cypress. I am still so thrilled with the DD handbag that Paul and then Chamnomy so graciously gave me. The folks who LOVE DD are the BEST !! Next year we will be there. Love Linda and Bill

  9. Thanks for sharing your wonderful experience of meeting Miss Day and your beautiful photos. I really envy you. I have loved Miss Day all my life and always wanted to meet her. It was so kind of her to personally greet each fan. She is a wonderful lady..

  10. Tracey, thank you for sharing your lovely story and photos. I have loved Miss Day since I was a child. You are so fortunate that you got to meet her. I would have been there if I had known about it, but I did not have a computer then. You mentioned that you found out about it through an email you received. Please tell me who the email came from and how they got your email address. I am assuming that you had either previously provided your email address to Miss Day’s own website or to the website of the Doris Day Animal Foundation. You can contact me through my facebook page. Thank you so much.

    • Hi Patricia! I know I am super fortunate to have met her. It was a fluke since there was no plan for her to come out that day for her birthday and when we paid for the tickets they once again stated that she would not be attending her birthday party. I went to the website page “ ”
      There are places on there to get news and there is a blog. Both of these places will keep you up to date- all the proceeds from the tickets for her party go to the animals. Sometimes they hold auctions for personal items of Doris’ too and if you join the newsletter you will be told of those. There are several Doris Day Facebook pages also you can join- but the Doris Day Animal Foundation is your best bet! I’m grateful you enjoyed my story. Thanks for reading and best of luck!!xxxooo

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