Thoughts on Blogging and a Finished Baby Quilt

I don’t like to feel pressured to blog.  Anybody else?  Blogging to me, is supposed to be fun.   I know that as bloggers, it is fashionable to blog at LEAST once a week.  While attending classes on building a blog it is suggested that you should blog, at the very least, once a week. I don’t want to feel like I NEED or SHOULD blog.  Really?  If I don’t have anything to share, why would I want to bore you?

Personally sometimes it drives me a little crazy when others do blog each week with their makes.  They could have several makes a week, and it makes me feel inadequate.  I know, that the intent is to inspire, but sometimes- it just makes me antsy.

So…. this blog is dedicated to all of you- those like me, that procastinate, and think about the many things they want to make.  Those that make multiple lists of Things to Sew and Make that don’t get completed.  Those that have closets full of UFO’s.

That’s me.



So what have I been doing the last few weeks?  Well, there was that visit to Michigan to see my folks.  Kenny and Will couldn’t believe all the snow!

Then there was the recovery from that trip…… Now, I am getting ready for another trip- to North Carolina, for SEW SOUTH.  I am pretty excited about this… and anxious.  I am going alone to Charlotte, North Carolina.  I will know a few people there that I have met before.  This whole traveling thing is totally pushing myselft wayyyyy outside of my comfort zone.  My nice safe familiar square box.  I know it’s very good for me though- so I am gonna just go for it!

Between trips, I finally finished Kenny’s youth pastors’ daughter’s baby quilt.  It is a first baby for the pastor and his wife and when I heard they were having a girl, I just knew that it had to be Heather Ross’ Briar Rose print all the way!  It is so sweet and feminine.


Before binding and quilting.


Paper piece hexagons, the back of the baby quilt.


Finished with binding and quilting.

HANNAHQUILTBeautiful vibrant colors, thanks to Heather Ross!




All wrapped up and ready to be received!  Welcome to the world Baby Hannah, (4 weeks late)!  My gift arrived late, not her!


  1. Love that pink and green! I know what you mean about blogging regularly. I worried about that my first few months and gave it up quickly because I was viewing everything I did or cooked as something I needed to blog. Now, I view it as a way to track my own makes and lately it’s not much. I love the connections I’ve made so far but don’t have the time to do what it takes to ‘grow my blog’ as they say. Then again, I don’t know what that would accomplish – meaning, I’m not looking to be a professional blogger. Hopefully I’ll continue to ‘meet’ new people and connect through blogs but don’t feel pressure to be a high traffic site (which is good since I don’t have much traffic!) I say do what makes you happy!

    • Hi Sweetie! I agree with you- this isn’t supposed to be a job! I also do love the connections I have made. It is so fun to go to a sewing retreat and “know” people. It really has opened up a lot of new friendships for me! Thanks for commenting and visiting!

  2. Beautiful bright colors for a baby and I think blogging should be like quilting and should fill your needs not someone else’s! I say blog when you feel like it!

  3. I regard blogging as part of my creativity. If I blog I’m being creative – but there are so many other things that I do that I might choose another avenue. You have certainly proved that you were being creative – so I don’t think you need make any apologies

    Your quilts are beautiful.

    • Yes! Thank you! Blogging is another outlet for creativity. I do love to write, and didn’t discover this about myself until I started blogging. Thanks for saying such nice things about my quilts…. They love you back! 🙂

  4. I’m with you on blogging when it feels right…not because a week (or any specific time period) has rolled around again…I blog when I think I have something that I think (hope) might inspire/interest/inform/amuse other sewing people….(obviously haven’t felt particularly inspiring/interesting/informative/amusing in the last year 😉

    • I hope you are doing okay? You have a daughter that is at that age when she is starting college, right? I hope I have that right. Kenny, is going to be leaving for school in the Fall, and it has me feeling a little misty. Where has the time went? Thanks for stopping by and commenting- xxoo

      • You’ve got a great memory! Yes, Ms Cherrypix started uni a week ago and loves it! I’m fine…just hyper busy (in a good way) with my business, working out and I’ve been doing some marketing coordination for the Australian Sewing Guild….like you, I dream a lot about sewing… 😉

  5. I think it just depends on what kind of blog you want to have. Mine is a personal blog so I have no pressure whatsoever. I like it that way. I can go weeks without a post and then sometimes I post many in 1 day. I follow blogs that have 2-3 a day ( and others once every few months (taylortailor), bot I love, and yours too! Just be true to yourself!

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