Sew Mini, but can she Sew Mighty?

I am headed to a Palm Springs Sewing Retreat this weekend.  Heather Ross is hosting it.  I just love her.

I decided back in December to buy a Janome Sew Mini– for around 50 dollars.  There were 3 reasons for this purchase.  The first was because I am attending somewhere around 4 sewing retreats this year and some of these retreats require you to bring your own machine.  The 2nd, the Janome Sew Mini only weighs 5 pounds.  Which is wonderful if you are traveling by air.  The 3rd…. Sew Mini is just so darn cute- and consumer information stated that she is not a toy, oh and she needed a home.

sewmimiMy concern about this little creature is that it is mostly made of plastic, which is understandable since, it is so feather light.  Can she perform though?  I decided to take this weekend to experiment with Mini and see if she is really up for an upcoming Sew South Retreat in North Carolina.  

If Sew Mini works out okay, I may be announcing some fun news.  You will all have to stay tuned to see what that’s all about.  🙂

Have a fun and crafty weekend!

8 thoughts on “Sew Mini, but can she Sew Mighty?

  1. Oh – what an adorable little machine! I’m very envious of all the travelling you do for sewing. I’d give me eye teeth to be headed to Palm Springs (again – loved it!!) or North Carolina. Enjoy!! — g
    ps – did you ever find out if Ellen knew/knows about the quilt? That looked like so much fun!!

    • Hiya G-
      I kow, I am totally spoiled! As my oldest son starts his last semester of High School, nearing the end.. I am finding myself immersing myself more and more into these workshops. It’s good for the old brain! AND sadly no- I really have not idea where the Ellen Quilt is… I hope it is being loved on some though…. It will just have to remain a mystery… hugs.

  2. Love the machine!! I got my daughter the Janome Hello Kitty, but I couldn’t handle the bobbin so we took it back. She has her own machine, a different brand, but we didn’t bring it because of the electricity difference. She’s just sewing on my machine for now. And how do you find out about all the conferences! I am going to the Fat Quarterly one in London this summer! But location locations, mine makes it easy. LOL

    • Green with envy Tsoniki- Fat Quarterly? Wow what fun, can’t wait to hear about how that is! I am finding out about these kind of things by joining mailing lists of people like Heather Ross, sometimes if you go to their website page you will find something like… “where I will be next- come see me- or sign up for a workshop” Keep me posted on the Fat quarterly workshop! xoxo

  3. I bought one of those for my granddaughter. I thought it would be a nice beginner machine. I tried it before she came. It made so much noise just sewing through a couple thicknesses of quilting fabric, that I put it back in the box. It’s been there ever since. I let her use my Bernina. I want her to love sewing and a good machine is a must. Hope yours is better.

    • Hi Deb, Yes, you are so right- loud and a little rough- I was thinking of buying a new one of these and doing a giveaway…. but I don’t know if I would want to torture anyone else with one of these little babies! Sad face….. anyhow I am sure your granddaughter is much happier on your Bernina…. xo

  4. Did you make the carry case for it? What pattern? Self drafted? I need to make a case for a featherweight that will fit under the seat on a plane…

    • Hi Jane! Yes- I did make the bag and it is self drafted…. I am working on a PDF- it’s my first one… It did in fact fit under the seat in front of me like a dream- once I get this bag in PDF form, if you would like to pattern test- I would love that. 🙂 it is probably going to take me a couple weeks or so- I am a newbie at this 🙂

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