Burbank or Bust!?

I am just popping in for a very quick update on The Ellen Quilt.

 Burbank, my second of three trips planned for this month.  Call me crazy, because that is exactly how I am probably going to be feeling by the beginning of February!

My cousin Carol is flying in from Michigan to meet me in Burbank.  Patty was supposed to make the trip as well, but her nursing school schedule is completely sucking all her time, so sadly, she won’t be joining us.


I put together a folder with all our planned exciting excursions.  The Mike and Molly Show, The Ellen Show, and a couple of fun restaurants that we may or may not check out.  We are gonna be 2 Michigan girls hanging out in the big city, because I am still a Michigan girl at heart.

We return on Saturday, bright and early. Who knows what the next few days will hold?

Whatever it holds, you will have a front row seat to all of our shenanigans!



4 thoughts on “Burbank or Bust!?

    • Hi There!! Yes, I did get the tickets! We are going to the show Today!!! So excited! I will be posting about our trip soon and about Ellen, of course!!! 🙂

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