It’s A SEWING Give-Away!!!!

I have been feeling very sentimental lately, to the point that it brings me to tears.  I am not sure why, it could be- GASP- menopause, or it could be the fact that my kids used to be this old…..drinks with kids

And now they are this old, and time is going by so quickly..


AND there is nothing I or anyone else can do to just stop it!  Ugh!!!

Except, we CAN and WILL do a give-away!!!!!  Because, they always make me feel better!!!!

So let me ask you, what is the first item you remember sewing, constructing, sculpting, painting or making. Do you remember how it made you feel?  Was it proudly displayed on your refrigerator by your mom or dad?

 I have written about how my mom forced my sister and I to take 4-H for sewing.  I am very grateful to her now, but back then I was not so much.   Well, this is my first sewn garment, with me modeling it.

 I am pulling out this hideous photo of my first sewn garment.


It’s a beauty isn’t it?  I was 10, I was chubby and I was not happy about being in a fashion show with those shoes (my mom forced me to wear), and the hideous smock that I sewed.  I remember it so vividly.  I was very awkward who isn’t at 10?  I didn’t feel pretty in it.  I don’t remember being proud of my accomplishment and it unfortunately didn’t make me happy.   😦

Anyhow, my smock was made out of a royal blue cotton calico print, it had pointed sleeves and a pointed bodice.  Beauty!  The headscarf, was just an added bonus, that my mom thought would complete the outfit!  And it did!

So if you would like to enter my give-away, I would like you to rewind back to your past and dig deep, try to remember your first stab at creativity. Here is what you are entering for:


An Aneela Hoey quilt journal ( it has both plain and graph paper pages), an illustrated sewing machine tea towel and a sewing machine necklace!  All three items will be given to ONE lucky winner!

Click on each picture for more of a description.


The Aneela Hoey Quilt Journal


The Oh Sew Lovely Necklace


This Tea Towel from Girls Can Tell

To enter, please leave a comment telling of your first memory of an item you crafted.  You know my first sewn memory, as hideous as it is, it is what got me started sewing.

If you would like to enter for a 2nd chance to win, become a follower of my blog.  (if you are already a follower, you will be automatically entered for a second chance, but only if you comment first)  Does this make sense?

All entries will be drawn by Random.Org. You may only comment once, for one entry and you may follow my blog for a second entry.   Winners will be announced 2 weeks from today on Thursday August 1st after 12 noon EST.  Deadline for entries is July 31st at 12 Midnight, EST (2013).  Please make sure that I have an e-mail to reach you directly so you can claim your prizes!

I can’t wait to read all your comments and relive your memories with you!  🙂

Good Luck!


  1. I remember my first ‘creation’ well – it was a hand sewn dirndl skirt in a green and orange floral cotton!! Luckily there is no photographic record of it and I’m not sure what happened to it but I can only recall wearing it once!!!

    • Ha ha!! Lucky you there aren’t any pictures! I bet it was darling, though! Thanks for entering! I got both your e-mails, the second one to remind me 🙂 that you are a flollower via e-mail! Thanks! have a great day!

    • Awww- I could picture you, Little Tsoniki, sitting on your gmas lap, sewing away! So cute!!! ANd those hook rugs- ahhhhh yes- I did those too- I wonder where they are now? You brought back some good memories! I remember that you are a follower, my cute sewing summit buddy, that kept me sane at that last summit!! Good luck!

  2. My first creation….I sewed when I was little, and I remember doing hooked rugs. I loved the hooked rugs! They were small though, like 10X13 or something. Not an actual big rug, more like something you would hang up maybe? I also did the weaving with the red plastic loom, with the plugs around the outside of the square, and made potholders. I remember sewing while sitting on my Grandma’s lap, or my Mom’s. Great memories. 🙂

  3. My recall of making items in a formal sense was age 5 – learning to knit. I would sit side-by-side with my mom – and nag her everytime I lost a stitch! There wasn’t a knitting project which survived. At age 15, I had to take mandatory sewing classes at an all-girl school I attended. I hated sewing then – anything mandatory & teen doesnt mix. I finished my first quilt at age 20. I have it hanging over my sewing machine for inspiration. I quilted for the next 20 years. At age 42 (this year) I started garment sewing and fixing sewing machines. My first project was a pair of pjs and I have too many vintage machines to mention. Your question is a great!. There have been times in my life when I stopped making things – during college, my kids toddler years and I think there is a direct relationship with depression and creation for me. Knowing that – I don’t dare stop regardless of how busy my life is – it is just in my DNA make-up! I blog at:

    • Hi Michelle! ugh… I am still not able to knit and I am not much better at crocheting! And I get it about the whole teen thing.. we never want to do what THEY want us to do,,,right? I completely agree about depression and creativity.. I have depression, I have had it for a very long time.. since my 20’s and it is very hard to be creative sometimes, but I force myself, by doing a little even if I am not up for it! It does help! Thanks for your comment and for following my blog! You’re awesome!

  4. Hey Tracey! The prizes look so fun! My first memory of sewing was reconstructing a pair of jeans into a Star Trek pocket protector for my brother, complete with some pretty elaborate embroidery. My first garment, though, was a pair of pajama pants with rubber duckeys on them. I actually have pictures of them:!

    I am a follower as well! We met through the Asilomar retreat with Heather/Gretchen.

    • Hi! Of course! I remember you! You’re so cute and bubbly! That Star Trek thing sounds very advanced! I can’t believe that you just started sewing garments not that long ago- you are so advanced! I checked out your rubber ducky pj’s and they are darn cute! Thanks for your entries! xoxoGood luck

  5. After doing straight stitches in hessian (burlap to you in the US), in grade 3, in grade 4 at age 8, I progressed to dolls clothes in gingham. All hand sewn plus embroidered, my Real Live Lucy doll was the model and they were exactly the right size 🙂 In primary school, we sewed every week, all by hand. In year 8 however, sewing lessons progressed to machine- the horror!!! My first garment (and my last for some years) was a halter neck top in green, 3 pieces, easiest pattern I could find…it fell apart the first time I wore it. Good luck with menopause, it’s not horrible for most women, it was a breeze for me and I feel great having emerged out the other side! If I win, do the draw again, the postage to Oz is horrific from the States x

    • Hi Jenny! I could completely picture you sewing as a little one, and the thought of a halter top falling apart the first time you wore it? Ugh! I avoided anything with zippers for years (my mom had me scared of them) it’s funny things that you imagine to be overwhelming- like an electric sewing machine– years later you try it and it’s not so bad- right?
      Hopefully my menopause will be like yours (finger crossed) AND if you do win, I will happily send to Australia (right, OZ is the nickname of sorts?) Horrific or not I will send with a happy happy smile on my face! Thanks for entering! Best of luck xoxo

  6. I remember sewing together squares of fabric to make a blanket for my dolls from a toy hand crank sewing machine I’d received for christmas. I eventually ditched the machine for hand sewing crudely made garments for my dolls. My grandmother was always making something, and I wanted to also. (I’m a follower by rss.)

    • Ooooohhh! Doll clothes and blankets! That’s so cute! One of my aunts would send my sister and I huge boxes from PA full of doll clothes she made herself! We loved that! How fun to be able to make your own clothes for your dolls!! Thanks for entering!

  7. The first thing I ever sewed, as required by my aunt who taught me, was a bag to put my projects in. But the first thing that I ever sewed and wore was the biggest pair of green corduroy culottes and a matching plaid top. I was damn proud of it. I wonder if I matched the plaid….. (I follow on bloglovin, does that count?)

    • Bloglovin counts of course!! Thanks for following! You had every right to be proud of that ensemble!! Sounds like it was quite an achievement- it would be for me, for sure!!! And you were taught by your aunt!! That’s very special! Thanks for entering! Good luck!

  8. I just found your blog over wordpress reader.. and have followed you.
    my ever first item craft was a small patch-work using hexagon pieces to piece up a meal mat. That was when I was 10 years old.. it was a school project and all needed to be hand-sewn. I love sewing.. but i’m so clumsy as i kept getting poked.. lol.. so.. after which.. mom stepped in to help with all the finished part.. heehee.. 😀 thanks to mom.. i’m glad she always stepped in to help with all those work which I can’t seems to make head or tail on how to finish them..
    By the way.. the first picture is really a cute one.. 🙂

    • Thanks Wisher! I love how our moms can bail us out! They are really great! Thanks for commenting on the picture- we are our worst enemies!!
      Thanks so much for following and commenting and for entering!! Good luck!

  9. Love the story and the memories – both of the boys being little and the first outfit and 4H fashion show. I know I made things when I was little, I remember crocheting Barbie clothes at 8, but my first garment was until junior high. I made a cotton wrap skirt and tube top from terry cloth – and I wore them together. I loved that skirt and wore it with my dansko’s body suit for many years. And I do follow you – here, get the emails, instagram – that being said – please don’t enter me as I won last time. And my apologies for not commenting – I’ve been avoiding my ‘puter and I hate commenting with my phone.

    The wedding quilt? Stunning! Very nice job – I do hope the newlyweds enjoy it and it brings them comfort and joy as they start their life together. g

    • Thanks Gmarie! I loved sewing that quilt! You will of course be entered into the drawing!!! Even it you were a winner last time- you can still be a winner again- but then again- YOU ARE A WINNER!! I hate commenting with my phone also- it’s too hard!!Thanks for all the following! xoxo

  10. I know I remember learning how to stitch when I was around 8. I can’t think of what we actually made. The first time I used a sewing machine was in home ec. For my project, I sewed a cow stuffed animal, and gave it to my mom who was obsessed with cows at the time! I don’t think you looked awkward at all! And by today’s standards, you aren’t even chubby!

    • Karrie, I would love to know what year you graduated from High School?! Because I was in middle school I sewed a stuffed animal for my mom- It was a skunk! I wonder if a lot of home ec classes had the kids sew stuffed animals for a project?! Thanks for entering and for following!! Good luck!

  11. I remember doing needlepoint and cross stitch as a girl. I must have been 8 or 9 when I got started. I needlepointed “Babar” watering his garden (the water coming out of his trunk!). And I also cross stitched a Joan Walsh Anglund little girl in a meadow. I still have both pieces of work and they bring back happy memories of stitching with my mom and sisters.

    • Hi Margaret! So good to hear from you!!!Awwwww, little Babar! That is very cute! I love that this brings back lovely memories of your sisters and your mom! That’s really great!

  12. My grandmother taught me to sew. The first item I ever created was at her kitchen table. I made a quilt for a bear of mine. My grandmother made me the bear and my father made me his bed. In my head, he needed bedding. And just like that, my first project and my first quilt. I can still remember the fabrics, honey bees and stripes.

  13. My mom sewed an outfit for me to wear to an overnight trip to John Muir’s house when I was in 3rd grade. We also sewed a matching stuffed pig (?). I remember helping her pin and carefully cut out the pieces. Took me a long time to come back to my sewing roots, but I’m so glad I have those early memories!

    • Hey Cori! John Muir’s house, you must be close to my neck of the woods, I am in Marin County.. You must have been the cutest 3rd grader on that field trip! Thanks for entering and good luck gal!!

  14. I have a terrible memory so I’ll tell you the first crafty gift I made that I can recall which was while I was in college. I happened to be in Hobby Lobby before the holidays and there were ceramic pieces available that you could purchase and then paint yourself to complete the project. So I bought everything from paint to brushes and those ceramics as I had no such things on me in college. Even though this wasn’t a completely self-made gift, I spent hours painting the Santa for my mom and the Christmas tree and present boxed for my Nan. I lOVED making them. And have been so proud/happy to see them displayed every year in their homes.

    • Hi Fi! That is a lovely memory! Of course I am dying to know what the horrible memory is.. that just how I roll, maybe one day after you get hitched you and I can sit with a glass of wine and all your wedding photos and you can tell me….:) Thanks for entering my giveaway and stopping by to participate! Good Luck!!

  15. When I was 9 I indicated to my mom (who didn’t sew) an interest in learning to sew. That summer I was away for my birthday when my grandmother (who sews) sent me a care package full of pink satin fabric, hand-sewing needles, thread, and fabri-tac(?). I had no instruction and didn’t really know what to do with it…so I just went for it. I ended up completing a free-hand pink satin halter top-thingy and had found a stash of random buttons, so thought it was a great idea to sew a bunch on. It was awful, but I was so proud!

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