Hi everybody!  This is about the 3rd time I have tried to write a blog post in the last couple weeks.   I get started and realize that I am writing about TOO many things and my thoughts are all over the map.  The other reason a post hasn’t went up is because the “bandwidth” (I am not computer savvy, but apparently that is the amount of time it takes for my oldest son, Kenny to yell at me about hogging the internet) is very insufficient.  So I get booted off either by Kenny or by the internet itself.  If only I could do that to everyone around me when I have reached my maximum capacity.  🙂  I am just sayin’.   🙂 The possiblilities…. shall we all ponder that for a moment?….

Ahem…. back to the real world!

So in order to sum up so far what we have been up to I thought I would put together some telling pictures.


I have done a little sewing, we purchased a few 1000 piece puzzles,(from the Brewster General Store) this one is my favorite, and is all about vintage sewing!!!  I broke a bobbin while winding new thread onto it and here is a little peek of the surprise I am working on for a friend.  I am hoping to get it sent out tomorrow.

PicFrame-1 copy

I discovered an awesome quilt store here in Cape Cod, Tumbleweed Quilts.  They had a sale room that had plenty of Amy Butler fabric for 4.99 a yard!

Jim, the boys and I went to see The B52’s and The Go-Go’s!  The Go-Go’s were A-MAZ-ING and the whole show was AWESOME!!!! We had to drag the boys….. there were a few other kids dragged there by their parents as well.  My son Kenny at one moment during the concert looked at me and said “normally you dancing in public would totally embarrass me, but every other middle-aged mom here is doing the same thing, so it doesn’t bother me!  Will on the other hand had his I-Pad during the concert and was playing games. Wow… okay!

We got ourselves a paddle board!  The boys are having a great time on the pond with it.  Just as long as the snapping turtles stay away from them, it will all be good!

One more thing to show you that is oh so exciting to me…. I am famous… well, my gift is anyway.  Let me explain!

Last February I attended this workshop.  At the end of that workshop I gave a gift to Heather Ross and a gift to Gretchen Hirsch.  I gave Heather a blouse, which I got from Anthropologie, and it looked like her to me.  I’ve seen her wearing it several times in various pictures and I am thrilled that she has been enjoying it!   When I saw this picture I knew that it would be the perfect gift for Gretchen, since I knew her favorite color is pink and she had just dyed her hair pink.

capecod fabric4

Now if any of you receive Threads magazine, Gretchen has a big old article all about her sewing studio in the August/September issue.  On her wall is the GIFT that I gave her.  Look, you can read it, the caption underneath clearly states that “this picture was a gift from a student”  I am THE STUDENT!!!! Ha!  I am being a little silly while I am saying this, because it could literally be anybody….. I wish she would have mentioned my name, but oh well I am just tickled pink (pardon the pun) that Gretchen liked the picture so much that it graces her wall!  It really means a whole lot!!!!

Don’t you love giving a gift and having it be the right fit!  Such a great feeling!!

That’s all for now folks!  Hope you are having a great week!

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