My Laurel Story…

A short and sweet story about a lovely pattern “Laurel” from Sarai Mitnick, the genius behind Colette Patterns.  “Laurel” is Sarai’s newest pattern and it also promises to be her  most versatile of all!  The pattern comes with 4 versions already included, but if you need more ideas, you can head on over to Colette Patterns for the “Laurel Extras”  and add 9 more!  Still not inspired?  Then hop like a bunny over to Flickr, where you will find Colette’s Sewing Group , with so  SEW many options it will BLOW YOUR MIND!!!!!!


Colette Patterns was/is running a contest.  I would sure HATE to be one of those judges!  There are some really lovely garments posted on the Flickr Pool, some truly stiff competition and some very hard decisions to be made by those judging folks.

This is what I entered…..

My version of the Laurel Dress.





Here is a close-up shot of the collar detail:


As you can see, I 86ed the sleeves, (those Cape Cod summers are hot and humid), I added a box pleat and a split front bodice, drawing attention to the “lines” of the fabric, I also added a decorative accent to the collar AND did an outside zipper in the back of the dress, instead of an invisible zipper…. Whew!  I packed a ton of elements into this usually simple dress to make it ALL MY OWN.  AND I have to say that of all the dresses I have sewn, I am mostly happy with this dress and I will wear it again.  The fabric is Jennifer Paganelli’s Happyland!  It is so darn comfy that it would be fitting for a huge Thanksgiving feast.  No buttons or belts to undo here- just fill ‘er up!!!

The inside is pretty also!Laurel


Before I go I would like to remind/tell you about Coletterie and Snippets.  Coletterie is Colette Patterns blog and Snippets are Colette Patterns weekly sewing tips.  You can subscribe to both of these and add even more sewing knowledge to your daily life.


I love Sarai’s Snippets, they are a quick read and truly helpful.

Something to think about!


3 thoughts on “My Laurel Story…

  1. oooh, you added some great details! love that back zipper treatment!!
    thanks for mentioning snippets – i follow her blog but didn’t know about the extra tips 🙂

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