It’s been a month!

The saying goes, “Absence makes the heart grow fonder”.  I don’t know if this actually pertains to bloggers or to me for that matter, but I sure do know that not posting a blog for about a month makes me feel a little guilty.  If you think about it, it’s kind of silly.  Those of you out there that blog probably feel the same as me.  What does your guilt come from?  First of all, I follow many blogs, and when I haven’t seen a recent post from one of my bloggers, I start to worry about them.  I wonder if they have some sort of health issue, or maybe they have lost a loved one.  You really do create relationships with other bloggers and we (or should I say I) crave their “friendship”, even if it is over a laptop.

So……. Where the heck have I been for the last month?  Where haven’t been?  🙂

Last month I was in Sedona, Arizona with my cousin Carol.  Wow!  What a stunning place!  If you haven’t been, you should.  We laughed, chatted and ATE our way in and out of Sedona!


We had a very busy 5 days in Sedona.  We shopped, relaxed, went horseback riding and did some exploring in Jerome and at Slide Rock State Park. Oh, and we ate a lot!

Carol and I decided to each choose an activity for our vacation.  Carol’s pick was the horseback riding.  I like horses, but, I don’t think my horse (that went by the name Crow), liked me too much.  I was totally giving him mixed signals as to which way to go.  Seriously he was giving me the stink eye- I could see it in his one eye!

The trail which we traveled was not for the novice rider, although all 13 of us were just that.  I was scared, very scared.  We rode those horses over a very rocky path that was said to be the original wagon trail.  Crow and I also navigated our way through 2 rivers, that reached the height of his belly!  I was SO very relieved when the ride came to an end!



Both Carol and I agreed to see what Slide Rock State Park was all about.  A stunning park that highlights a very cold waterway.  People were jumping in and “riding” its river over the “slippery rocks” to a larger pool of water at its end.  The water was so cold that it literally hurt to wade my way across to the other side.  I really don’t know how some of those people immersed themselves into that water!!!


We did some other exploring in Jerome,this was my activity pick.   Jerome is “America’s most vertical city” (5000 feet above sea level) and It’s famous for its historical copper mining.


Carol and I had lunch at the TOP of the town of Jerome in a restaurant named “The Asylum”.  A great lunch with an even greater view!


Here’s the view.DSC00713

The Asylum is located in this huge building, that was once a hospital.  Now, it serves as a restaurant and an Inn, that is rumored to be haunted!  Dun, dun, dunnnnnnnn………



That was such a great trip!  Last week, my family and I were visiting family in Michigan.  I actually didn’t even take any pictures!  The boys enjoyed spending time with Grandma and Papa and I once again ate an entire apple pie that my mom baked for me!  It’s a tradition that I am willing to hang on to!  🙂

I have 2 sewing projects to show you:

The first one is a blouse I made using Simplicity 2154.  I am not completely crazy about the fit.  So I am going to call it a wearable muslin!  🙂


I will probably lose the bow when I sew this blouse again, such as Sewin’ Steady did with her very cute yellow gingham blouse rendition.  Perhaps, a few adjustments to the bows’ size would be sufficient?

My on going project is another hexagon project.  Surprise!  I know it’s shocking!  I am still having some issues letting these incredible polygons go!



This is another one of Tacha Bruecher’s patterns from her awesome book, Hexa Go Go!  This pattern is the United States flag.  This will be my rendition and interpretation of her pattern.  Here is a very rough draft that I designed on Illustrator.  (I am still trying to learn the ins and outs of this software, so please excuse, my “roughness”).

usaflag draft

This flag is a quilt comprised of many, many hexagons all in Reds, Whites and Blues.   I got a long way to go baby!!!

Keep sewing and hug your loved ones!

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