I may need an Intervention!!!

It is no surprise to anyone, if you have followed my blog, that I have become a little obsessed with hexagons!  I love them in all sizes!  And I guess, that you can say I LOVE them so much that now I have started to wear them?!  You are probably thinking that yes, this woman does need an intervention!  These six-sided polygons are the perfect springtime accoutrement.

If you are looking for a way to patch-up an old pair of jeans and add a little color, I say go with a hexagon!  Add a few, add a lot!  Go for it and then wear those “patched” denims with pride!!!!

First the before!



Because of my “curvy” thighs, I wore a hole right through the left inner thigh area. (I was always the kid in middle school that wore the corduroy pants, that hummed their own tune while walking down the hall-ugh).  I tried once to patch it with a machine darning stitch, but it didn’t last very long.


I saved these “Lucky Brand” Jeans.  They have spent years in my closet, just waiting to come out and see the sun again.  Yippee!!!

In the end, I went with small-sized hexagons, in yellows, grays and pinks.

The After.


denimpatch4I bought a charm pack of “Mama Said Sew” (by Sweetwater) and added a couple of hexagons, made from this inspirational pattern.


How inspirational are these denims?  I may have just created my favorite pair of cropped jeans, to wear to sewing functions, and just around town!!!


I have so many more things to show you that I have been working on, but I will have to post those next week.  I haven’t had the time to take photos and I have been single parenting this week.  Hubby comes home tonight!!  🙂

Thanks for stopping by!

Have a fabulous weekend!


  1. Tracey those are darling! Your hexis are lovely. I could see them also used as embellishment on a dress – just the same way you added them to the denim. Nice work and thanks for sharing – I may ‘borrow’ this idea. g

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