Sew Done!

I should really keep better track of how much time I really put into a quilt.  I think one of the best things about quilting is the fact that you can share them.  Even with the smallest of family members.

peeks and quilt

Now that I have officially completed my third quilt, I wanted to do a little review.  I really think with each quilt I have improved and learned so much!

Here is my first quilt:

(notice my crinkled edges) I also didn’t use the highest quality batting.


My second quilt:

(This quilt was given as a gift to my folks for Christmas)


And now my completed third quilt:


This is how it all started:

I was inspired by Tacha Bruecher’s Book, Hexa go-go.


I sliced up many “strings” of oranges, reds, pinks and yellows. Amazingly, these fabrics were all found in my sewing room.


I “string pieced” 8.5″ x 8″ squares: (80 of those)


……sewed those together to create blocks. (20 of those)


I crafted a bunch of “fussy cut” hexagons, mostly using Heather Ross prints.


Those were then sewn into rosettes and sewn onto the white “negative” spaces on the quilt.



The quilt top was finished.


The quilt “sandwich” came together, and the binding was added.


She came together and I finished her!


(My 6’3″ husband is holding the quilt from behind to give you an idea of how big it is)

The back is pretty also.  I did some “free-motion quilting”, which is going to be an ongoing learning process.



A couple more things before I say bye for today…. This made me happy beyond belief….. I spotted a photo on the Creativebug instagram feed of Heather Ross at Quiltcon donning the blouse I gave her at the Asilomar workshop!!!! You will also see, my friend, Ava Herceg hanging with Heather at one of her Quiltcon workshops.


Yes, I saw this blouse in Anthropologie, and it said “Heather Ross” to me!  So I bought it and gave it to Heather, because she has given me sooooooo much!

Let me just say one more thing about Creativebug, if you haven’t joined yet do so!  It is a wonderful community of creative people, famous crafters that teach you their craft, through tutorials, you can watch over and over!  It’s really awesome!

My last thought for today is to remind you to enter my Give-Away!  There is still time!

Have a great day!


  1. I am making that same quilt from the Hexa-gogo book! I am so impressed with how well your brown strings line up together – I am having the toughest time! Any suggestions?

    • You are so kind Laurie! Believe me, there are plenty places
      Where the brown doesn’t line up- but I just had to let
      That go- because it would have sucked the joy out
      Of it for me. :). My Only suggestion is that most
      quilting calls for 1/4″ seams….. For me- I just found what
      I thought to be 1/4″ seam and just made that a consistant 1/4″ seam throughout…. Also the fabric reallllly tends to stretch when
      So…. Try not to stretch when you are sewin and pressing- I pressed the heck out of each square with starch. I hope this helps!
      I can’t wait to see what yours turns out like. It is such a fun quilt!! Enjoy!! Xoxoxo

  2. I love it!!! I am going to try and do the whole hexagon thing soon, maybe on one of my sons quilts. I will probably have to do some practice runs before I use good fabric 🙂 I’m loving all your quilts!

    • These scrap quilts are acually not too hard… the hardest part was getting those brown borders to line up and even those are’nt perfect. Sometimes you just need to let that go in order to protect your sanity! 🙂 But doing those scrappy quilts is really fun. That website with Amy’s 2012 block of the month also has a block for that kind of quilt… you should also check that out!:)

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