It’s a Give-Away (my second)

There are many things in this world that make me happy.  Most of the time it is something very small, like getting a key parking spot, finding a 5 dollar bill in my coat pocket from last season, sleeping in with my pugs or confirming that I am indeed right, over some silly fact that Jim and I might disagree over.  🙂


Of course these are just a few of those things that make me happy.   It really goes without saying that anytime my boys and my hubby are happy I am too.


Giving also makes me happy!  I love giving presents!  So because I find February to be such a dull month I am going to do a give-away!  I discovered during one of my sewing room clean-ups that I had two of the same Amy Butler books, “Style Stitches”.  It’s a great book with lovely pictures and 20 awesome bags to construct! It’s silly for me to hang on to both, so I am giving the duplicate away in a give-away.ss2

In the photo above you can see that I made the “Cosmo Bag”. Such a lovely bag that I injured terribly over a wine accident while Patty and I were visiting Asilomar!  So sad.  😦

  To Enter for a chance to win Amy Butler’s Book:

Just leave a comment stating what’s that something that makes you happy, it could be anything.  I would  also love for you to become a member of my blog if you aren’t already, (that would make me happy), but it isn’t required.

The winner will be drawn by “Random.Org” and will be announced 2 weeks from now on Monday March 11th at 9:00am PST on my blog Swell Sewing.  You may only comment once and I will not be accepting any more entries after 12:00 midnight PST March 10th.  So please get those comments in early!  I can’t wait to see what makes you happy, maybe I can borrow a couple of new ideas from all of you!

Have a Wonderful Week!

Your Friend,



  1. Hey Tracey. It would make me real happy (-: to win Amy Butler’s book. What a treat that would be. Thanks for the chance and happy quilting/sewing.

  2. You have a good happy list. My happy list includes: Cuddling up with the dogs, spending a day sewing, sunshine through the rain, and anytime the hubby cooks dinner. g

  3. Aw, I’m sad to hear that your bag was injured! I love that book and somehow I don’t have it, so I would love to win! A current thing that is making me happy is a cup of tea and sunshine! My house feels cold so when it is warm out, I stand in the sun and enjoy it. I also love finishing projects! I’ve managed to sort my projects and I have finished two of them in the past week!

    • Hi Tsoniki! It is great to hear from you!!! Well, this book does need a new home- and I am sure hanging out in the sunshine with a cup of tea would be a great place for it to hang! Good luck gal!

  4. Lots of things make me happy!! My salvation to the Lord is what really makes me happy! But other than that its giving I would have to say giving makes me happy and it doesn’t always have to be a object to give.When I am happy why not make someone that’s not experience that joy. Making things and discovering new things also makes me happy. Im usually A very happy person

  5. Sewing makes me happy! Except when it makes me miserable ;), so maybe, successful sewing makes me happy.
    This is a very generous giveaway, I have never made a proper bag (tote bags don’t count) but keep thinking I would like to try.

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