Traditions, Superstitions and Resolutions, Oh My!

Personally I am not a fan of New Years Resolutions.  I usually put forth resolutions that are realistically unattainable which ultimately sets me up for failure and makes me very unhappy and disappointed in myself.   Losing weight has always been the first on my list, every year!  Ugh, I don’t like that.

I cringe, when the New Year arrives and I hear of the “resolutions” that others have made.  I am not sure why others making plans, for their futures should impact me but it does. ( I am sure a really good therapist would say that it is my mother’s fault).  It will all be my fault when my boys are all grown up too!  🙂

I am a reluctant superstioneer (I made this word up for a person who practices superstitions).  I feel like I don’t really believe in superstition, but I don’t want to mess with it either, just in case superstitions are in fact a real thing!

 For example:  When I am walking with someone, say my husband, and an object, such as a light post separates us for a second I will tap the light post and say “bread and butter”.  Weird, huh?  And yes, sorry mom, I got this one from you also!  It’s always strange when a person separates us, then I have to hit them and say “bread and butter”!  You should see the looks I get!  I AM JUST KIDDING!  I DON’T DO THAT!  Could you imagine?

I did a search on the “bread and butter” superstition and I actually found information on it!  Isn’t that funny?!  You can find information here and here and here.

Once a year on New Years Day, I serve up some sauerkraut.  Again, I wasn’t sure why.  This is a tradition that my mom has handed down to us.  After doing a little more research on the internet, I found this website that explains this tradition as German, that is believed to bring blessings and wealth for the new year.  Sounds about right since my mom has a lot of German in her.


It’s not the tastiest culinary delight I have created, but it fulfills the sauerkraut obligation, and gets the job done.  This is a casserole of sauerkraut, rice, ground beef, cream mushroom soup and lipton onion soup mix.  Serve it up with creamy mashed potatoes to take the sting out of the sauerkraut and the kids will actually eat it!

I feel if I don’t follow through with this tradition on new years day, that something bad may happen (not really, really)- I don’t want to test it, so I comply and do it!  Such a burden, really it is!

I wonder what resolutions, superstitions or traditions you and your families have in place?



  1. It might be a Western PA thing too…my grandmother always said ‘bread and butter’ for the same reason ….and my mother insisted on stinking out the house every New Years Eve with sauerkraut, arguing that it brought luck in the new year. Fortunately we moved to Australia where it’s too darn hot to be mucking with such things! Phew.

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