Hexa go-go

I bought Tacha Bruecher’s book Hexa go-go, at the Sewing Summit Shop Hop last year.  This was one of my favorite things I came home with- Tascha’s designs are so inspiring that I couldn’t wait to get started.  I did wait though for a few months, honing my quilting skills and hoarding the right fabric that would be worthy enough of a hexagon cut. Those hexagons were destined for Heather Ross‘ fabric prints.


I decided to make myself a “girly” quilt.  I might as well, my house is full of enough testosterone we need some girl power for myself, Ruby and Peek-A-Boo (my pugs).

I chose to make Tacha Bruecher’s Cat Tails Quilt.  Instead of cats, as Tacha used for her quilt,  I am using dogs, bikes, vans and pinwheels.

A photo from the book Hexa Go-Go

The Cat Tails Quilt consists of 80 quarter blocks.  Each quarter block half is covered with “string quilting”, which is “Oh so much fun”!


 “String quilting” isn’t all the fun that this quilt packs either, it also calls for 140 hexagons which are assembled into 20 rosettes!

 I really do enjoy watching a little tele with the husband and kids in evening while paper-piecing a few hexagons!  They do tend to pile up quite quickly.


A rosette is made using 7 hexagons in various prints, the center hexagon is a special one saved for My special Heather Ross fabrics.

Heather Ross’ Dream Bikes fabric on both white and pink background along with her Dogs at Play fabric and VW Vans are perfect for my rosette centers!  They will be featured nicely in the middle of 6 other hexagons.


I had a ton of fun cutting up all the “strings” for my quilt also!
A small preview of what will be my “Dog Tails” quilt.
So far I have 12 quarter squares done, only 68 more to go!
Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Really like those colours and prints together…also like the name of the quilt pattern…being an inveterate cat person…. (apologies to the pugs). How is your hand?

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