A Little Piece of My Heart

It was really hard to part with.  My husband Jim didn’t want me to give it away.  But in the end, I packed up the quilt that I had worked on for 3 weeks, and shipped it off to my mom and pops for their Christmas gift.

Each quilt square measured 20″ x 20″

Creating a quilt is a journey.  The planning of the layout and design all the way to the very end when the binding is sewn around the edges of the quilt, is an adventure with a very happy ending.  Well, a bitter-sweet ending.  It’s kind-of like saying goodbye to a friend.  A friend that you have spent countless hours with, that you will see again, because a quilt is a family heirloom and is meant to be passed around.

The entire quilt consisted of 12 blocks

I haven’t felt this kind of pride in a gift since I was a very young girl and purchased my mom a hotdog cooker.  A really silly gift, but it cost a whole ten dollars  (which was a lot of money to a kid back then).  I don’t even know if my mom enjoyed hotdogs back then, but I just thought it was the greatest thing since sliced bread.

The completed quilt top

When my gift arrived to its cold and dreary Michigan destination, I instructed my parents to open it promptly!  Usually I tell them they need to wait until Christmas, but I was so anxious to hear their praises, that I just told them to tear into it!

Jim holding the finished quilt measuring 60″ x 90″

They both told me that this was by far the best thing I have sewn yet.  I have to agree.  There were of course some mistakes.  The quilt backing rumpled up a bit.  I found it difficult to keep the backing smooth while sewing the quilt top to it and the batting.  I am hoping with experience this part will get easier.


After the whole quilt was completed, the true test for me, was washing it.  I had overheard some very knowledgable quilters at the Sewing Summit talking about their quilt washing process.  They said to use many, many, many Shout Color Catchers.  I put somewhere around 6 in with it, in hopes that none of those pretty colors would run onto my Kona Snow White.  My other objective for washing before giving was to confirm that yes, indeed this quilt was made to last and washing was just part of its life hanging out with a family.


It survived and came out of the dryer looking better than it did before.  I love all the wrinkles that a quilt develops from the washing/drying process.

I am now in the process of planning my next quilt!

Happy New Year!


  1. Hello – this is the most stylish quilt I’ve ever seen. I love the fusion of the modern with traditional – it makes me want to try quilting myself (with something smaller!). Beautiful.

  2. Love this one as well:)
    Sorry if I start to leave an abundance of comments….. But these are the triangles I would love to do but can’t quite figure out the measurements.. any tips for beginners who are to scrambled in the brain to figure it out.

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