It’s Alive and It’s Hungry!

Forget about those growing teenagers in the house that go through the cupboards and refrigerator when they get home from a long day at school… there is something in my house that is eating my fabric!  Yep, you heard me right!  MY PRECIOUS FABRIC!!! Oops, sorry, I didn’t mean to yell, but it is really upsetting!

The truth is, that it is my sewing machine!  She has been very “Naughty”.   I am noticing it more and more with this quilt I am sewing for my mom and dad.

Here’s my progress: 8 blocks, 4 more to go!


This is what I have been dealing with:

 I put the fabric under the presser foot to sew the blocks together and the feed dogs pull the edge of the fabric right into the needle entry hole.  The sewing machine literally “eats” the fabric!  Are you all following me?  Have you ever experienced this?  After cleaning all the fuzz out of my bobbin and changing the needle, it was still eating like a “Hungry Hippo”!

Finally I found the solution.  By simply putting a piece of double folded tissue paper under my fabric, so that the presser foot sews over the tissue first, I have eliminated the “naughty” side of my sewing machine.  She is no longer hungry.  Now she is “nice”.


It also helps that you have something (the tissue) to lightly “pull” on, to get the fabric moving.


Here, you can see that I start sewing on the tissue, which eases the presser foots’ transition.


It has really cut down on my yelling and cursing at my machine!  🙂


When you are done sewing your seam, you will have the tissue attached. It pulls off easily- but if you find some tissue stays attached, tweezers work wonderfully to remedy that issue!



So, that’s my tip and I’m stickin’ to it!  No more “potty” mouth for me, and my machine has cleaned up her act also.  Is your machine acting “naughty” or “nice”?

Have a great day!


  1. i know EXACTLY how you feel because my machine does the same thing in the same situations! i found it wasn’t so bad if i started sewing part way down the seam, but then you have to backstitch further or sew the seam from the middle out, which is more time consuming…so i love your solution! thanks for sharing that 🙂
    the quilt is lovely, by the way!

    • Yep- I have tried starting part way down as you say- sometimes “it” eats when I backstitch too- not everytime- but just enough to drive me mad! Thanks for the input! Sewing machines are funny things- aren’t they- kind of finicky like a cat!

      • And since I’ll be sewing this week, it’s REALLY good to have found it – especially since hubby wants me to make him a t-shirt blanket. That t-shirt material ALWAYS gets stuck in the machine when I sew it!

      • Doesn’t it just drive you crazy Lubbygirl!! I hope this little tip helps make you sewing a little less maddening! I just finished my quilt top using the tissue tip and it really worked for me!!! Thank goodness!! Have a great day!!

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