Giving Thanks And Thanksgiving

There are many things I am grateful for, just to name a few, my family, all of our continued health, being a mother to two wonderful boys and my amazing husband.  I am also very, very thankful for the fact that I am NOT hosting Thanksgiving Dinner!  My lovely sister-in-law Heather is taking on this enormous task, as she always does.  She and her husband Ron, make it all seem so easy.  All of us that attend the festivities bring a couple of dishes to share, which lessens their work, just a little bit.

I am also very grateful for the sewing community that I am involved in and all of you out there reading this blog.  It still amazes me that my blog gets visited at all!  Anyway, I have been working on a few things over the last couple of weeks.  I am working on the Craftsy Block of The Month class, with the darling Amy Gibson as the teacher.  I started this endeavor in January, but just got around to actually sewing blocks just 2 weeks ago.  My curiosity was piqued when I attended the Sewing Summit.  I wanted to be able to do those cool quilts too!  Now I am learning all sorts of quilting blocks!  It is really fun!

Here are 6 blocks I’ve finished.

I loved doing the paper piecing!  What a great concept!

I am also working on a Christmas gift for my mom and dad.  Here is the first quilt block.  Unsewn as of now, I am still trying to put the pattern together, making sure that my colors are evenly placed.

My latest sewing project was an honor.  Andrea Panell put out an e-mail to many of us from the Sewing Summit.  Andrea is the designer and owner of Go To Patterns. She  also has a very fun blog The Train To Crazy. She comes up with some innovative designs, one of which she so graciously asked for volunteers to sew – the Go To Fabric Gift Bag and Wine Bag pattern.  There are so many options for  this one pattern.

Go To Gift Bags sewing pattern

  You get 5 different options for the one pattern.  Three different sizes of a gift bag, a gift wallet or a wine bag.  I chose to sew up the Wine Bag.  We will be bringing wine to Thanksgiving Dinner, so this was perfect.  Here is a picture of the bag with the wine bottle inside.

It was so fun to choose what fabrics I was going to combine to complete the bag.  Andrea has directions, that show you where you can “piece” sections of the gift bag to give it more of a quilted look.  This is a quick pattern to complete,  you just download the PDF and get started.  Most of you out there will have the essential materials to sew this baby up last minute, for someone you may have forgot!  Whoops!

Here is a photo without the bottle.

Since the wine bag has batting and cinches at the top there will be no worries that the  bottle will shatter or shift.  Andrea thought of everything.  Please go over to her site and not only check out her Fabric Gift Bag pattern, but also her other wonderful patterns.  Maybe there is someone on your Christmas list that would like a thing or 2 from GoTo Patterns?!

I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

 What will you be making?  I am baking an apple pie (my favorite) and cooking up some brussel sprouts.  I am not sure if there will be any time for sewing.  😦

6 thoughts on “Giving Thanks And Thanksgiving

  1. Oh Tracy, what a cute gift bag. Would be lovely for knitting as well. Enjoy your holiday, there will be time for sewing later. g

  2. Just got home from our Thanksgiving weekend down the Cape and opened your facebook blog. Your work is incredible, those squares for the quilt came out great. You continue to amaze me. Hope you had a great Thanksgiving, we all had a wonderful time with the Brooks and the Allens. Good food, good friends and great family what more could you ask for. Say hello to Jim, Kenny and Will for us.
    Love, Your East Coast Family

    • Hi Mrs. B!!! So good to hear from you, you are to kind. There are so many Crafty gals on the internet! I am just a small little tadpole in an ocean of all kinds of talented people- but Thanks, I will take the compliment! I bet it was lovely on the Cape! We miss you so! xoxo

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