Good Bye October!

My spirits have been pretty low lately.  My husband was out of town for 9 days, in Australia of all places.  With the crazy time change and the spotty at best communication through cell phone service- the 3 of us missed him desperately.  We survived, I became a single parent for 9 days and Kenny became the “man of the house”.  Thank goodness he passed his drivers test.  Having that extra driver around the house when Jim was gone was very helpful, there were many runs to the grocery store for me- it was awesome!

I think between all the sewing cramming I did before the Sewing Summit, the single parenting and sleepless nights over the last several days played into the “lovely” little cold I came down with 1 day before Jim arrived home.

Feeling better today, I thought I would show you what I actually accomplished today!  I finished 1 of my UFO’s I brought home from the Sewing Summit!  I haven’t been feeling very creative lately, (I am in an icky slump) so I thought that if I finished the 3+ UFO’s I brought home with me, I could then move on creatively with some other fun stuff.  Like experimenting with making a “porthole quilt” and a “polaroid quilt” in a mini size, of course.

This is the first UFO I tackled from the Sewing Summit, the description of the class follows:


Idea Pouch – a hands-on sewing workshop
Teacher: Michelle Webster from Michelle Patterns

 The Above is our teachers’ result, Michelle Webster, from Michelle Patterns.

This is my result, not quite as nice, but I am happy with it nonetheless.


The other UFO that brought me to tears, literally during class was this lovely one:

Curves Mini Quilt – a hands-on sewing workshop
Teacher: Christina Lane from The Sometimes Crafter

Christina was a great teacher, but I got all the pieces mixed up and ended up cutting a piece too small and ugh- tears started running down my face, AND it was time for ME to pack up.  No worries, I bounce back.  I came home with this:

I think maybe there are actually water marks on the direction booklet where my tears fell!  No, I don’t know it looks more like coffee!  Teeheehee!!!!
Anyway- I am going to be working on this one the rest of the week, I will do it for Heather Ross and Crafty Chloe (Fabric print I picked for my mini quilt)!
As you can imagine I came back with so many ideas for projects, that my head is spinning!
Please bear with me these next couple weeks as I try to gather my creative thoughts and get back into IT again!


  1. First of all what the heck was Jim doing in Australia? Don’t like hearing that you are in a slump, hope you are back to normal now that Jim is home. Very impressed with the work you did at the Sewing Summit . You are so creative in everything you do. We miss you, just think just 7 more months before the Cape that should put a smile on your face and in your heart. Love you,
    MR. & MRS “B” Fred, Joan,

    • Mrs. B!!! How are you!? I have been thinking about you and the family. Is everyone there okay? Jim went to Australia to do some work with Ekso (the e-legs thing). He is a traveling guy now! Jim is also going to be heading East very soon, I will see that he contacts you and maybe you can get a hug or two out of it!! I love you guys! Say hi to everyone!!
      I am better too by the way- now worries!

  2. I think I might have been in tears sewing curves in tiny quilt pieces! Sorry to hear you’ve been so low. I have been too, the last couple of weeks. Mostly the same reasons…. muso husband away gigging, rotten cold and some awful family news. I can cope with physical ailments but when mojo is missing in action it’s so difficult to climb out of the rut. I’m begging to see the light now. Glad you are too. Here’s to massive mojos and happy sewing! 🙂

    • Hey there gal!!! I am so much better now- I think I was overly tired! My husband is a really big snorer, but I think somehow even though I complain about it, it helps me sleep! 🙂 Anyway, thank you for the encouraging words! xxoo

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