The Sewing Summit, My Highlights!

I started writing this post several days ago, and it has stumped me. I found myself writing NOT  about what I got out of the Sewing Summit, but instead I was writing a play by play of when I arrived and what classes I took.  That really isn’t what the Sewing Summit means to me, it is so much more.  Here are some important highlights.

First of all, Salt Lake City is a beautiful place.  I wish I would have taken more pictures to show you more of what was happening outside of the Summit.

Second, the Sewing Summit is full of great people.  We come from all over.  There were some ladies that came from as far away as the UK!!! We all united for one thing, the love of fabric and the art of manipulating it in all different shapes and forms.

Here are some of the awesome ladies I met at the Sewing Summit.  Clockwise starting in the lower left – Tsoniki, Leigh, Fi, Jessie, Kristin, Sharon (I think that is her name), Elena, Janice and Karen.

Thirdly, the SS offers some amazing classes.  There wasn’t a bad one in the bunch.  The hard part was deciding which ones to take.  I took 8 classes in all.  I would say that my favorite class was “special occasion sewing” with Sarai Mitnick from Colette Patterns.  It is no surprise that Sarai is one of my favorite “sewing celebrities”.  And as an extra treat I and about 11 others joined Sarai, Ken (Sarai’s husband) and the ultra amazing Sunni Standing – author of the blog “A Fashionable Stitch” – for coffee and a chat. Every one of the 250 women and men attending the SS were invited, but only a handful of us showed up.  Wow, lucky for me,  I was able to ask Sarai and Sunni questions first hand!  I was star struck, Sarai even remembered my name from her Fall Pattern Release Party at A Verb for Keeping Warm.  Well, I was wearing a name tag, but she still said she remembered my name!!!

“Special Occasion Sewing” was a highlight for me, because of all the care Sarai took to prepare her presentation.  She put together samplings of special occasion fabric swatches with details such as how to care for the fabric and what kind of needle to sew with.

One particular moving part of Sarai’s presentation was when she spoke about her late Grandmother Ruth.  Sarai told us that at the very end of her Gma’s life, while in the hospital she couldn’t remember all the people around her, that loved her.  How painful this must be.  Ruth was an avid sewer, and even though she may not have remembered Sarai, she told Sarai about a particular pant suit she had sewn for Sarai’s mom.  Until the very end, Gma Ruth was talking about sewing!  We, the audience cried with Sarai, when she described how much Grandma Ruth meant to her and we laughed when Sarai talked about the pant suit.  There wasn’t a dry eye in the room!

Fourthly, keynote speakers.  The SS Folks put together a few really great keynote speakers.  The first, was Joel Dewberry!!! Can you believe it?  He is as talented as he is lovely.  A surface designer and pattern maker, it was really great to hear what inspires him.  Joel stated that he was inspired by his family and his home life.  His wife is a big part of his inspiration, and he stated that speaking to large groups of people wasn’t his thing and that his wife was better at it.  How cool for me to listen to a successful designer talk about his journey.  Look where he is now!  I want to also say a special thanks to Courtenay from for this picture I snagged from her Instagram.  All the pictures I took of Joel Dewberry were awful.  Thanks Coutenay.

Here I am with Courtenay.  Courtenay is one of those people who just makes you happy when you are around her.  She’s cute, isn’t she?

The closing dinner was awesome.  Those Sewing Summit gals surprised us with a Mollie Makes magazine and another incredible keynote speaker Nancy Soriano,  another person who inspired me with her incredible journey. Nancy was the editor in chief of Country Living magazine for 10 years, just to name one of many accomplishments that she achieved during her ongoing journey.  I felt as though she was speaking directly to me.  The truth is, I believe ALL women need to hear the words that she spoke:  “Don’t compare yourselves to others, always be kind and gracious no matter who you are,” and once again, “family is very important.”  This seemed to be an ongoing theme!

Towards the end of the SS, I was exhausted.  I read other blogs of SS attendees and they stated that they went home feeling refreshed and inspired.  I am inspired, yes, but too darn tired to do anything about it.  Unfortunately I came home with a couple of UFO’s, and since I bought so much on the shop hop and the SS folks were so generous with all their giveaways, I had to find extra room in my sewing room.  So…. I spent the last few days cleaning and tidying up my sewing space.  A really big job.  I am nearly done.  I will show pictures in my next post.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend and sew on!


  1. Wow, what a great meeting. Sounds like something I would love. Maybe someday the money will be in the budget and the stars will align. Great post.

    • I shared my first Philly Cheese Steak with you! Good times! In the summer I am in Cape Cod- do you ever get out that way? If not, then we are definitely going to have to hang a lot next year!

    • You gotta get there!!! Sign up for the sewing summit newsletter- I think there is a way to do that, so you can be in the “know”. Would be great to see you next year!

    • It was fabulous to meet you and we even live in the same STATE!!!! I will need to plan a trip to what’s down by you?… Hart’s Fabric or is it Fabricworm? Anyway, it would be really great to meet up and check out your neck of the woods! We had so much in common and it was like we had known each other for a long time!

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