Blood, Sweat and Tears….

Well, blood and sweat anyway.  In a couple of weeks I will be heading to Utah for the second annual Sewing Summit.  It is a meeting of crafting minds.  Crafting, sewing, creating minds that also blog.  Last year I went and it was a blast.  I thought I was going to be the youngest person there and I ended up being one of the oldest.  That wasn’t cool, kind of like when you go to see your doctor and you realize that you are actually also older than your doctor.  This just started happening in my life.  When you add in, failing eyesight, morning aches and pains- you really start feeling older than dirt!!  Tip, for any of you that work as servers for restaurants, if you want a bigger tip, call me “Miss” NOT “Ma’am”.  You will put a smile on my face, a swagger in my step and a huge tip in your pocket!!! Okay- getting back on topic……

In preparation for the Sewing Summit, someone smart working for the Sewing Summit established “Travel Handmade” or #Travelhandmade on twitter and instagram.  It gives folks that are heading out to Utah an excuse to sew all kinds of travel bags.  Everything gets a bag now, right?  Your cosmetics, computer, toiletries, jewelry, camera, cosmetic brushes, sewing supplies-you name it, it should get a bag!   Heck, why not make a bag for all your bags?  Just to keep them all nice and tidy!  I guess that I did do that.  I have completed the Amy Butler Weekender Bag, a cosmetic bag, and a computer bag (I call it a computer cozy).

The blood and sweat comes in to this story with the sewing and assembly of the Amy Butler Weekender Bag.  There are all kinds of interfacing and peltex that is used in this bag, creating many, many layers of sewing pleasure.  NOT!  I broke a sum of 14 needles with this little project.  I read Amy’s directions thoroughly, easing all the pieces together slowly.  I still broke a ton of needles.  I love Amy and this pattern though…

I poked myself many times also, this explains the blood.

My DNA on the inside of the bag thank goodness!

There was a lot of wrestling involved in the sewing of this bag.  After completion, I noticed that my body was sore.  From the clenching of my teeth to the pushing of many, many layers of interfacing with the feed dogs.  Good thing I wear glasses while sewing, cuz of all those pins that were flying  all over my sewing room.

So here are a few pictures of the  Amy Butler Weekender Bag that I will be using for my trip to the Sewing Summit.

I added feet to this bag so the gunky floor on the airplane wouldn’t yuck it up!

I also added a tag to the front of my bag to insert my business card.  The pattern didn’t call for these two things, but I really thought they were necessary.

This was probably the easiest and best zipper I have ever done.  Looking back it would have been great if I would have lined the zig zags up.  Oh well, live and learn.

The interior:

For me, the interior didn’t fit into place as easily as I would have liked.  I made it so much harder than it had to be.  Live and learn – right?

The final picture.

Here also is my computer cozy that I constructed from Denyse Schmidt fabrics purchased from Joann Fabrics.  These 2.5″x 2.5″ squares were sewn together and then quilted. It took a whole day to do this and it was very fun to do.

One more thing before I say farewell for today, I joined Creativebug.  If you don’t know about this yet, YOU SHOULD.  I think it is about $24.99 a month to join and you can end your membership at anytime ( I joined for 6 months and it was a little less).  You are able to  learn from as many artists as you want, by viewing their lessons on your computer as many times as you wish.

I recently completed the “one skein scarf” by Debbie Stoller (she has written many books on knitting and crocheting).  She’s a wonderful teacher.  I completed this scarf in one evening with my prior experience of only crocheting a straight stitch.  Here it is.

I am pretty happy with it.  It’s wearable anyway.  🙂

In other news…

   A verb for keeping Warm located in Oakland, California hosted a little shindig for Colette Patterns featuring The Fall Launch of their newest patterns the Anise and the Juniper.

I was able to meet one of the many “sewing celebrities” that I learn from, the very talented and lovely Sarai Mitnick from Colette Patterns.

Sarai Mitnick of Colette Patterns and me

I immediately recognized faces like Meg from Made By Meg , Amy from Sew Well  and Laura Mae from Lilacs and Lace in the colorful shop of yarn and fabric!  What a kick to see those that I stalk follow and learn from on their blogs!  I also met some new ladies like       Miss Daiyami who can be found on twitter, Elisabeth from e- Beth Knits, and the cute Leah in her Sorbetto blouse (sorry Leah, I couldn’t find any information on your blog).

Daiyami, Laura Mae, Leah and Amy

So, I meant for this to be a short post, but there was so much I wanted to include! My husband and I are headed into San Francisco tonight for a little Creativebug Cocktail Party featuring the ladies from  Hello! Lucky.  Sounds fun, huh?  I am keeping myself busy!

  Although I haven’t been blogging as much as I’d like lately, I am still around, and now it is looking like I may have a little carpal tunnel going on – oh joy, right!

Well, you all have a wonderful day!

Bye for now.


  1. what a gorgeous bag! i’ve been wanting to make a little overnight bag for a while, but i have a store-bought one from way back when and couldn’t justify it. yours is really cute!

  2. Hi Meg! It was lovely to meet you the other night! You have a wonderful way about you-Thanks for all the compliments regarding my bag- we will see if it survives the trip!?

  3. Love colours and shape of your overnighter! No wonder you have a touch of CT…bag wrestling is up there for body stressing!! And what a great ‘social pages for sewing afficianados’. Your sewing escapes sound wonderful!

    • hi there Anne! I am so sorry I haven’t returned your e-mail yet. or did I? Gee I can’t remember! Ugh! I really do think that I wrestled with that bag and it did me in, but I have been spending a ton of time on Illustrator trying to fulfill my dream of doing fabric design and that is a lot of computer time…. That sure must come into play! Thanks for all your encouragement and great ideas!!! xxoo

  4. your bag and computer cosy are lovely! i can imagine just how tough it was sewing all those layers in the bag – lots of teeth gritting and muscle tension and colourful language i’m sure 🙂
    i’ve had my eye on that bag for a while, and you’re sure making me feel more tempted to give it a try.
    ps- i’m kind of sorry to say that i can relate to those signs of, ahem, aging. you have my sympathy 🙂

    • Thanks! You know, I think the first time I do a pattern, it is always very hard. It is like traveling to a place you have never been. Once you have been there the next trip is so much easier! So- I am surely going to do it again!!!! I do not like getting old- but unfortunately it is part of life. I spent about 3.5 hours in the doctors office today with my sweet mother-in-law and she was saying the same thing- about getting older. She is still the youngest 83 year old I know, I wish I had her energy. So you should do it- sew that darn bag! It really is worth the trip!!!! 🙂

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