Is this how it starts?

I have been absent from the blog world for a couple of weeks now.  Mostly because both the boys started back to school, and life now once again has schedules and appointments to keep.  Trading in beach bags and flip-flops for backpacks and school shoes.  Ugh, back to the reality of everyday living, feeling almost to me, like “groundhog day” (the movie).

 During my down times, I have been doing a lot of napping and quilting.  Taking a nap here and there, I feel helps with my creative process.  It is really the only way I can let things go sometimes.
I have finished my first real quilt.  I say my first real quilt, because I used techniques that I have read about in the past, but have never tried.  I was inspired by Amanda from a Crafty Fox.  Damn, there is a lot of talent out there in the internet sewing world!  It puts me to shame, but it keeps me inspired to do more, which I love.  This was the quilt that I was writing about in this post here.  This quilt consists of all Jennifer Paganelli (Sis Boom) fabrics.  These fabrics came from 2 scrap bags that I purchased from Jennifer’s Summer Sale this past August.
These scraps became the many hexagons that made up my quilt!
All these beautiful fabric patterns sewn together became the quilt topper.
Then I finished off the sides of the topper and also the binding of the quilt with two other Sis Boom fabrics.  Here is the final result.
It is in no way perfect, but it is perfect for my son Will and his little friend Peek A Boo.
So, my question to all of you out there who quilt is this…… Is this how it all starts?  You sew one quilt and then you get the bug to sew more quilts?  Do you improve which each new one you sew, or are you doomed to keep sewing imperfect quilts like this one, never to improve your skills?  Just wondering.
Thanks for looking!
Have a wonderful day!


  1. What a beautiful quilt! And what do you mean by Imperfect?!!! I don’t think there can be such a thing as an imperfect handmade quilt. Mainly because it’s the imperfections that make it so perfect! I love how fresh this quilt is. Those bright colours against the white really pop. You’ve done such a wonderful job, Tracey. I can’t think how long this must have taken you!

  2. I was just hunting for your email to check in ….now I can see what’s been keeping you busy….how gorgeous! Love the colours and shapes on your quilt. And I agree with Oobop, the “variations” really make it special!

  3. It came out so nice Trace. Love it. Had a long talk with Bobby today about how we first met in 6th Grade. He just stated 6th and its’t in love with it. Told him he might meet some wonderful lifelong friends this year! Miss U.

    • I miss you too! Will started 6th grade also and isn’t very excited about it either! Poor kids, kinda stinks getting older, eh! Especially the middle school years they are tough. Thanks for the love for my quilt. xoxo

  4. It looks pretty darn amazing! I do not see “imperfect” but awesomely beautiful! I love the vibrant hexes and the white background and the contrasting neutral-ish back and sides, it’s a wonderful combination of fabrics.

    From my experience, I can relate to your questions, do you get the bug to do more? and will you get better or are you doomed to imperfect mediocrity? I’ve done some projects that, when I look back on them, seem beautiful, but then I know where the boo-boo’s are and I feel depressed. But not depressed enough to go back and correct them all because to do so wouldn’t be feasible for every mistake. My friend said her mom used to have a bunch of friends come over for a “quilting bee” and when the friends left, mom would rip out their stitches and re-do them herself. I don’t want to be that daunted and bullied by the concept of perfection.

    When my boys were little, they liked Michael Jordan, and I made them comforters out of red and black sheets, with a big applique that looked vaguely similar to the Chicago Bulls logo, very simple tie-quilted things. I was surprised and a bit horrified to see that my son’s son carried one of those ratty (it had sustained a lot of wear over the years) blankets to kindergarten for his nap-time blanket but he loved it.

    • Hi there JenyJenny! Thanks for your post. I was laughing at your friends moms’ response to her quilting bee. Wow- it sounds like you have been at this quilting thing for quite some time. I guess I will stick with it. THanks again!

  5. I love your quilt. I don’t strive for perfection in my sewing. I sew for fun and I have lots of fun. I don’t do big important quilts, I do fun things that I like. I have ventured into raw edge applique which is pretty technical for me, otherwise I do simple strips, blocks, or triangles in my quilts. I hope you have lots of fun making quilts.

    • Yes, I think it is going to be fun sewing these quilts. I love putting the different colors and patterns together to see what kind of original quilt I can come up with.

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