Lily, Oh How I Love Thee!

I finally completed one item from my very long list of garments that I had HIGH hopes of sewing up over this vacation.  This was the Lily Dress Pattern, from Colette Patterns, of course.  I am constantly pulled toward Sarai’s patterns.  They are a joy to sew, they fit together like a puzzle and the directions are a dream to follow.  They may be on the more expensive side when you are considering a pattern purchase, but as many times as I use them I totally get my money’s worth out of them.  Besides that, the Colette Pattern collection has a vintage, classic feel and are far worth it!  Really, Colette patterns are worth the investment!

Lily had many pieces.  16 pieces to be exact.  I find that to be a lot, but it was manageable.  I had a deadline with this one too.  The gang of us vacationing on the Cape decided to do an “adults only” dinner on Thursday night and these plans were made just two days prior.  Huh!  I needed something to wear, so why not sew it, right?  I followed “garment sewing rules”, and sewed a muslin first.  The size 8 was good, a little too much ease, but I could fix this during the sewing process.

Months back I put aside Denyse Schmidt’s Flea Market Fancy Daisy Bouquet in Turquoise for this exact dress.  I really adore this print and I thought that using a red and white polka dot print would be the perfect fun compliment to the D.S. print.  Well, you tell me – what do you think?

 Pocket Detail

The one REAL issue I had with this dress was the polka dot trim around the top portion of the dress, I am pretty sure that I attached it upside down or something and the back didn’t come together as it should have.  This kind of thing usually happens when I skate through the directions, thinking I know exactly how pieces should be sewn together.  Ha!  Not usually the case.  Luckily for me, I am in desperate need of a haircut, so my hair covered the troubled spot on this dress.

I also wanted to share with you all the “sewing nook” I created for myself here in Cape Cod.  The before and after.

I really need to get some better lighting for this area!!! Anyway, one more thing before I leave.  Don’t forget to enter for The Giveaway! Go to the link for The Giveaway and enter by commenting.  Sunday is the last day, results will be given on Monday!

This could be yours if you are the lucky winner!

Have a better than Swell Day!

18 thoughts on “Lily, Oh How I Love Thee!

    • Yes, I did get some compliments! Thanks, I am in love with red and turquoise together so I knew if I threw those polka dots in there it would be a ton of fun! Thanks so much!

  1. This is lovely. I can’t really see the issue with the back band because of your hair – but what I can see looks like a design feature and not an ooops. Nice job with the fabrics, I love the polka dots. g

  2. It’s sooo you! And so perfect for the Cape! I love it, Tracey 🙂 Well done. The sewing nook is adorable, too. (hoping my comment goes through ok via the phone)

    • Hi Lavender! So good to hear from you! Thanks! I was very much hoping that I would be able to meet up with you while in the Cape, but not this year maybe next! Are you attending the sewing summit? I would love to chat and see how you have been! You are always so inspiring! Xo

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