To The Max!

You see Maxi dresses everywhere this season.  It seems as though summer brings out the fashionista in most of us.  Me, not so much.  Usually less is more for me.  These hot and humid days bode well for any kind of fabric that doesn’t stick or bind and jersey seems to be the top choice for most of us.  I always admire those that can wear a maxi dress.  Those lucky gals that have “legs for days” always look so sophisticated in a long dress or skirt.  I find though, that even us petite gals can wear this look as well!

While browsing Joann Fabric’s the other day, I ran across this really pretty tie-dyed cotton jersey.  Its long stripes of tie dyed colors reminded me of summers here on the Cape and I just had to have it.  Do you ever do that?  Buy a fabric because you fell in love with it, but have absolutely no idea what you would do with it?  I know you do!  We all do!

Looking at it brought me joy, but I wanted to wear it as well.   I am not very competent at working with jersey.  It seems to get the best of me.  I have read many blogs out there explaining exactly how to work jersey, but I think that reading about it and actually sewing with it is a totally different story!  You have to practice!!

I have a couple of items in my wardrobe that are made of jersey.  These store-bought items are a good “go to” for a hot summer day.  I really do enjoy wearing them so it was time for me to do my own interpretation of these items.  I used an Eddie Bauer jersey top for my inspiration, and for my pattern.

 It boasts an empire bodice with a criss-cross neckline.  Easy enough I thought.

 I drew up my patterns on some muslin (using a pencil) following the lines of my jersey top for the front and back.   I traced over the pencil drawn lines with a blue fabric marker straightening up my lines with a ruler, remembering to also include 5/8″ seam allowance.

I changed the back on the dress, when I cut it out, making it one piece.  I think the fit came out much better than it would have if I had done it in two pieces.

The Result.

What do you think?  I cut 4 front pieces and 2 back pieces.  This way I did the bodice double-sided so it had some body.  I wasn’t sure what to use for interfacing, so this is how I solved that problem.

Just a quick check to see if I am appropriately covered up!  whew!  It’s all okay here!

I used 1/2″ elastic for the empire waist on my jersey dress.  It pulled everything in nice and tidy!  🙂  As for the dress skirt.  I took the width of the fabric cut it in half and used these for the length of my skirt, creating 2 seams, one on each side of the dress.  I wanted the lines to be vertical and this was the only way to do this. I created a chamber for my elastic in the skirt bottom and then I eased the top portion of the dress with the elasticized skirt.

  And now for the back view.

All and all, I think this was a success.  Next time I will use a double needle in my machine and I will also make the straps more narrow.  I am surely going to wear this one.  I might be making another!

Have a lovely day!

14 thoughts on “To The Max!

  1. I seriously love that!! I just tried on a maxi dress the other day, but I feel too short to wear them. (5′ 4″ here) I also don’t love the spaghetti straps most of them come with. I’d wear the one you made though! I wish I could make clothes, I would be all over this pattern. I love the fabric choice as well!

    • Thanks so much! I am not a fan of the spaghetti strap either! You are going to the sewing summit- yes? Are you thinking about signing up for any garment sewing classes? There are so many awesome classes I am not sure what I am going to sign-up for!!! so excited!

  2. I love your maxi! I need to make one like that. I would probably wear it even more than I wear the one I have now.

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