Go Big or Go Home!

It has been a busy week here in our Cape house.  We had one of my favorite families come visit us – The Wu’s.  They are a family of 4.  Their son is close to our oldest son’s age and their daughter is a year older than our youngest son Will.  They are so much fun and our kids get along swimmingly.  They are the perfect house guests.  Jonathan worked with Jim many moons ago, and Heather became a really good friend for me because of that.  We laugh so much when we are together, it really is SO much fun.

The Wu’s came bearing gifts!  What does the number 12,000 mean to you?  What does it mean to me, you ask?  A 5 pound Hershey’s bar that has 50 servings and 12,000 calories!!!!  I would only have to walk 120 miles to burn that kind of intake in calories!!!!  The Wu family came BIG, in a BIG way!!!!

The candy bar is as big as Will and it put Kenny into a chocolate coma, as you can see.  I am claiming it all for me “Hers”.  Clever, eh?

A standing activity that is always on going in our Cape house is a coffee table puzzle.  These puzzles usually consist of about 1000 pieces (This summer we have already completed our second with the help of The Wu’s).  Heather was so thrilled to see a puzzle, as she enjoys them as much as I do.  It gets the family involved in an activity as a whole – just good clean family fun!

We find that a snowy winter scene on a hot summer day cools us all down.  (Not really, but it is worth a try).

I wasn’t able to get too much sewing done with company in the house, but we did do a lot of fun things.  We did the Barnstable Ghost Tour.  If you haven’t ever done this, DO!  This was a walking tour of Barnstable, with our fearless leader Derek from CAIPRS.  Derek bravely took us through the quaint streets of this old village, at night might I add, and we were told stories of early settlers’ untimely deaths and how they haunted this house or that establishment.  Some were evil and some not so much but it was truly apparent that Derek had practiced his craft, as an actor does, to totally freak us out.  He could tell a story like no other and as the audience, we were captivated!

Here is a picture of  “The House Of 11 Ghosts”.

The best part of this tour was The Cobb Hill Cemetery.  Derek took us to this site close to the end of our tour.  The oldest tombstone was around 1715 – amazing!  It was pitch black, threatening rain, and here we were in our small groups flashlights in hand, trying to communicate with the dead!  Crazy as this all sounds, it was so cool!  This was also the night that we had our first firefly sighting.  We don’t have these luminescent critters on the West coast, so this was really special!

Jim took this picture from inside Cobb Hill Cemetery.  Creepy, huh?!

Our friends left on Tuesday morning and that’s when I started sewing my pajama’s for a weekend sewing trip to Vermont.  I needed some new PJs and I just didn’t see anything in the stores.  Liesl Gibson is going to be in attendance on this sewing trip and this gave me a chance to use some of her Lisette fabric that I recently purchased from Joann’s Fabrics.

I used Kwik Sew Pattern #K3943.  Personally, I think it was a “quick sew”, but I found some of the directions to be non-existent.  There is special pleating on the collar (pin tucks) which I have never done and the pattern didn’t explain clearly how you were to finish these.  I had to make up my own ending as I like to say.  So I winged it.  Anyway, here are my results.  Oh, and by the way, if you are planning on sewing this pattern, the sizes run VERY big.  There is plenty of ease in these 2 pieces.  I sewed the top in a medium and the bottoms in a large and let’s just say that if I were 9 months pregnant this top would fit me perfectly!!!!!

I am happy with the result. They are roomy and extra comfy!   The reason for the different pattern of fabric on the sleeves isn’t because I thought  “ooh, wouldn’t that be cute?”  No, it’s because I ran out of the floral print and I had to find yet another solution for my poor planning!  🙂

Friday I am off to Vermont for a Heather Ross Workshop.  I am taking what I assume will be a small plane (not something I would normally do) and then I’ll rent a car (also not something I would normally do) and drive 40 minutes to an unfamiliar spot (not something I would normally do).  I will do this for Heather Ross though.  She is worth it.  Heck, I weathered that huge Palm Springs storm in January for her last workshop!  Picnic tables and trees were flying through the air – this should be a piece of cake!  Right?

I will have stories to tell I am sure!  Thanks for stopping by!

Happy Weekend!

6 thoughts on “Go Big or Go Home!

  1. Your summer is off swimmingly! Your jams are lovely and the adventure – well it’s sure to be great fun. Enjoy. g

  2. mmmmmmm! [she types, imagining biting into a piece of initially-solid-but-soon-melted chocolately goodness]. Love the ‘design feature’ sleeps on the PJs…works just fine..who has to know??? Puzzles are a great favourite in this house too. The current one is a mindboggling Esher print of a never-ending staircase…. Look forward to reading about the Heather Ross Workshop. What a great vacation activitiy!!

    • I am going to have to look for the mysterious staircase puzzle!! Sounds fun! The p.j.’s worked out great this weekend- just waiting for my flight home- delayed 😦 The weekend was fab! I will tell all!

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