VIP Treatment For Clothes? You’re Darn Right!

Do you ever think about how you treat your clothes?  Looking at my closet gave me pause to think.  I realized that “those” clothes I purchase at retail stores tend to be treated harshly and “those” that I have home sewn, get the VIP Treatment.

(Is it wrong that I segregate my hand sewn clothes?  Here they are on their own little rack)               

Mommie Dearest

Joan Crawford might have a little something to say about the hangers I am using and not the segregation of my home sewn garments!  Remember her famous line from Mommie Dearest?  “No more wire hangers, ever!”  I am not judging her parenting style by any means……..Whoops- I am a little off topic……back to my original topic.

I certainly am more careful when I eat while wearing my sewn clothes and when I am wearing them around my kids, I wouldn’t dare use my sleeve to wipe a runny nose like I would in my store-bought clothes.  (If you have kids don’t act like you have never done this out of pure panic, and if you don’t have kids yet or someday you do have kids YOU too will do this, mark my words).


If you had this big mess and didn’t have any tissue, you would use your sleeve too!  Poor Leaky Lindsay!

After a day of wearing my home sewn clothes, they are either hung or folded promptly and put into their rightful spots.  Retail clothes, might live on the floor for a little while before going to where they belong.  Yikes!  I know, I can be a slob…. I am working on this, really!

These clothes that we work on for many hours, making sure that each and every detail is up to our standards are treated as if they are our very own children.  I don’t think I would ever loan out a piece of clothing that I have sewn, but store-bought I would lend out no problem.  I become very attached to these articles of clothing.  Even the items that I view as huge mistakes, I can’t seem to get rid of.  I hang on to them hoping that I will have some sort of epiphany as to how I can salvage it.

 Still waiting for an epiphany on this one….

The heavy black corduroy doesn’t drape like it should and the arm openings just aren’t right- since it is the wrong season to wear corduroy, I’ll wait until the Fall to fix this one.    🙂

There is this dress too, that I never really figured out how to finish the back.  

This one can wait as well!

That’s all for now folks.  Happy Father’s Day to all the dads!

Happy Sunday!


  1. Now that you mention it…yes, I do tend to treat me-made items with a little more respect…for all the reasons you mentioned, though they don’t have their own special rack. And I agree with Joan…no to wire hangers! I really hate them…flimsy, shoulder-trashing, crease-cementing devices. Fortunately, I haven’t had to do the face-wipe-with-sleeve for quite some time…though I could threaten it, as a means to get her to blow her nose rather than sniffing incessantly! (It’s ‘cold’ season down here). I particularly like your black cord dress – the white piping on pockets looks fab.Would washing a few times soften it up a bit? Letting it ‘marinate’ over the summer is a good idea….it has potential!

    PS – cool new Blog header!

  2. Hmm – I tend to prewash the way I will treat them afterwards. I don’t know that I necessarily treat them any better – except I am more careful when I eat. I like that black dress. The skirt seems to have drape and the piping is wonderful. What is the other dress? It looks good from here. g

    • Thanks gmarie- love your name by the way! The black dress is Colette Roobios and the green is a dress that was sewn from a vintage pattern. Since I had to grade up a few sizes- the fit got real wierd… Anyway for me- it was a learning experience- and I will try it again- til I get it!! 🙂

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