Then And Now

I don’t know about you, but I love a good “before and after” show and tell.  Shows like “The Biggest Loser” or “Trading Spaces” always intrigue me.

A few years ago when we bought our little house in Cape Cod, we really had to picture what it could be.  The house had dark wood finishes throughout and some very sad worn out furniture that came along with the purchase.  Don’t get me wrong, we were thrilled when we were able to have the house furnished.  It was as if the owners that sold us the house were abducted, they left everything!  The kitchen was fully stocked with everything you would need for cooking and eating, the closets were full of linens that each bed and bath required and I even found a can of Aqua Net under the bathroom sink.  Remember that stuff?

Most everything wasn’t our style, but it would do nicely for now since, running out to buy all the necessities required to spend a summer would have been monumental!  Gradually we are making changes.



We put shells down in the driveway and repainted the house, also the shutters were removed.  We couldn’t decide on what color to paint the shutters, so we just took them down.

A special sign was given to our house to reflect our excitement of each summer arrival.

Our last name is Wirth so it is quite fitting and since we arrive from the West Coast, It is certainly a “trip”.

Here is the kitchen Before:

For all of you that love pineapples out there, I am so sorry, but they had to go.  Each stenciled pineapple took about 5 coats of paint!

Kitchen After:

Painting the kitchen a pale blue and adding those bright appliances, really brightened the kitchen up.  It really needed it!

Here is our family room before:

Dark wood made it seem like a cave.

Family room after:

Fresh paint on the walls, windows and beams made all the difference in the world!  The chair seen in the right side of the picture has since been recovered as well.

Dining room before:

Beige walls and beige floors.  We needed a fresh start!  Fresh paint for all the woodwork and walls!

See what I mean?  What a big difference!

Last stop for now is the basement.  Did you know that in California, most houses don’t have basements?  I am not sure why, maybe it is because we have earthquakes? I don’t know, but it is something that we take full advantage of here in the East.

Basement Before:

Basement After:

A different perspective in this photo, but you get the idea.  We ripped up the old rust colored shag and placed gray 20″ x 20″ tile in its place.  All the woodwork was painted a nice Chantilly Lace White and the walls were painted a color called Salt Air.  The old “pleather” couches have stayed for now, but I am thinking that their life here in our home is very limited.  They are pretty fugly!  😦

So in concluding my “Then and Now” I wanted to show you the real reason we purchased this house….

Lily Pond (and the back of our house).

It is such a kick to sit on the deck and watch all the wildlife. There is a show everyday and it’s always good!

Thanks for looking!  Have a great day!


    • Yes! We are very lucky to experience our summers in such a lovely place such as Cape Cod and to have a place here that we can call “home”. Thanks!

    • Hi Karen, right? Do I have your name right? I hope I do?… Thanks-They are “big chill” appliances… They come in any color you would want special ordered, otherwise I think they come in 6-8 colors! It was a very hard decision to make. 🙂

  1. I love the bright apliances. They are fabulous! What a great kitchen. The entire house is lovely – what a nice way to spend the summer. g

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