Canvas Rug Tutorial

As promised a few days ago, I have put together my FIRST tutorial.  All done by me, photos and all, so I apologize in advance for the iffy quality of this post.

You will tape a 6″ stripe on one side of your rug and then do the same 6″ stripe on the other side of your rug working in towards the middle and create a balanced design on both sides.   It should look like a mirror image.

Here is a diagram that isn’t to scale and is not the same design that I painted my rug.

Step 10 is next and for me this is the most fun!  Peeling off the tape!  It’s like Christmas morning all over again.  You get to peel off the tape and see the design that lies beneath!

I took my rug and hung it on the side of our fence in anticipation for step 11.  This can make a back breaking task a lot easier.

When you feel as though you have enough coats of varnish and it is all dry.  It is time to flip and press.  Flip your rug over and fold back your 1″ “hem” or border and press the iron-on rug binding on around all edges of your rug.  My favorite rug binding is this kind :

Iron On Rug Binding-1-1/4 Inch Wide 4 Yards

I didn’t have any of this kind to use for myself, but you can find it on Amazon for about $4.00 for a 4 yard package.  It really works the best!

Your last step is to enjoy.  You also may want to add a rug pad.  I will need one of these because my rug is by my front door and it may slide around a lot.

I hope you have all found this to be an informative and easy to follow tutorial.  If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact me!  I will also be posting pictures when I finish my foyer mini-makeover.  This rug is just the first step.

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