Are We There Yet?

Are we there yet?

These are the words murmured by many of us in earlier years during long car rides with our folks, while fighting for back seat real estate from our older siblings.  Well this car ride I have been on, The MMM 2012 challenge is almost to an end.  It has been no small undertaking for me.  I am sure if any of you have been following along with Zoe’s MMM Challenge, you have found yourself such as I have found myself, with “nothing to wear”.  This statement of “nothing to wear” didn’t just start at the beginning of this month.  It’s an old phrase that I have said many times over.   I stare into a closet full of clothes, mumbling an exaggerated state of dread while feeling as though I haven’t anything to don.

Zoe is a very smart girl, stimulating us to be creative with not only our “created wearables” but also to appreciate all those things we have created, many things.  If you can go for a whole month and wear something that you created everyday that’s a lot of stuff!  Right?   This challenge really has opened my eyes.  Thanks Zoe, really!

Here are days 23-27….

Day 23, a Sorbetto.  Day 24 Iris Shorts.  Day 25 Colette Taffy and finally May 26 my reversible belt that is Me-Made.

Day 27 a Gosh Golly Goods Headband.

Although, this process has been enlightening I am ready to see June come.  I am ready to not stress, about what I will wear tomorrow that I have created.

While home in Michigan, I snapped some pictures from one of our family photo albums.  Here they are.


That’s me on the left in both pictures, with my older sister Tammy and my mom.  I loved that Dressy Bessy!  I am hoping that she is somewhere in my house and she hasn’t been given away.  She was last seen with my oldest son Kenny, when he was about 3.

Hmmmmm, I wonder if she could be in the garage?  Poor old gal.  Waiting to be buttoned and zipped.

Have a swell day today everyone.  Check back later this week for a tutorial on painted canvas rugs!  Fun!

6 thoughts on “Are We There Yet?

  1. your headbands are great! i’ve been making my own for a while but have yet to achieve just the right shape – yours look perfect and i love the black elastic.
    congratulations on all of your MMM’ness 🙂

  2. Thanks gal!!!! I had my dad make up a template for me and that is what I use now for all of them. Thanks for coming over and checking me out!

  3. You’ve met the challenge brilliantly! I know I would’ve piked about midway….though I do tend it wear me made things most of the time…just a bit repetitively. I particularly like your yellow/gray print Sorbetto for Day 23! I have the pattern…I intend to practice my first FBA with it!

    • Thanks so much gal! I am a bit worn out from it all and as I said, I am ready for this month to come to a close! I am looking forward to seeing your sorbetto! I am really starting to love yellow in my older years. I have never been a fan. Strange isn’t it?

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