Here Today, Gone Tomorrow

I arrived here in Michigan on Sunday (May 20th) around 4:30 PM Eastern Time.  My wonderful friend of, let’s see….34 years.  Really?  Could it be so?  I met my friend Becky in 6th Grade, when we both entered middle school and I must have been 12? I am now- well that’s too easy, I am not going to tell you how old I am.  I will let you do the math.  I have known her a very long time anyway and she has always stayed true to who she is.  She has 3 wonderful children and she is a gem.  I love her.  She makes raising 3 polite and lovely kids look effortless, but I know better.  Being a parent is a very tough job.  Now divorced, she is a single parent and I just can’t imagine how she does it.  My heart breaks for her and I want for her to have things easier.  She deserves that.

Here we are, stuffing our faces with ice cream from Captain Frosty’s in Pinckney

Isn’t she just the cutest.  She always looks like she is in on a joke that no one but her knows about, and she usually is.  She is the class clown, and funny as hell.  We laugh.  We laugh a whole lot!

Tomorrow we (my mom and myself) head to California, so she can have some time with the grandchildren and visit with all of us.  My mom will get home sick by the 3rd day and at the end of her trip on Jun 4th she will be SO ready to leave!!  This will keep us happy for a while until I miss my mommy again.  I hate leaving Michigan, I never left my “Heart in San Francisco”  I left mine in Michigan. Really.

Here are some photos from my trip:

Look at this photo of the house that I grew up in and all the poppies in the foreground!  Amazing huh?

Look at this enormous tree.  I think Becky’s son took this picture.  I wish I would have known about this tree when I was little.  My dad just discovered it when he was mowing some paths in the back 20.

I never really saw all the trees around my house when I was growing up.  Now I feel as though I can really see the beauty that envelops my childhood home.  I think you really need to step away for a while to get a fresh view through fresh eyes.

Of course there are so many reasons to be sad about leaving tomorrow.  I miss all of those that I love here.  I was fortunate enough to see my cousin Carol for dinner this evening.  We sat in the Olive Garden for 3 1/2 hours.  I was convinced that the waiter was either going to charge us rent or put us to work!!!!   It is easy to while away the hours with Carol, she is easy to talk with and easy to be around.

So in closing, I will show the ever continuing saga of the MMM 2012.

Here it goes.

Day 18

A fabric necklace with yo-yo’s and a ruffle.  Yes I am getting desperate.  I only have a little over a week left.  Whew!

We have a ponytail holder, scarf, headband and on Day 22 my yellow Sorbetto.  A couple of these were taken by me contorting as usual.

Tomorrow I will be gone from Michigan for a while.  Here today, gone tomorrow.

I can’t wait to get behind my sewing machine again!!! Yipee!

3 thoughts on “Here Today, Gone Tomorrow

  1. Oh wow… how lovely for you both to still be in touch… and not just via a computer screen! Don’t get me wrong, I am truly grateful for how technology has allowed me to stay in contact with far away friends but nothing beats meeting up for real with your besties! Well done on keeping up the MeMade stuff too. I still cant do a month…mostly because I don’t fit into most of the earlier pieces I made!! Hey ho… better sew some more!! 🙂

    • I am running low on ideas for what to don. It has been a little stressful- who would have ever thought that getting dressed would lead to stress? Maybe next time around you will be ready for a whole month of MMM?

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