And The Ugly!

My tagline for my blog is “Somewhere in Between The Good, The Bad And The Ugly It’s All Swell.”  Well, introducing THE UGLY.

I had some Chartreuse jersey hanging around in my creating room and a lot of it.  After tackling the Sewaholic Renfrew and succeeding, (by my standards), I thought I would try Simplicity 1808.  I sewed just the t-shirt.

Thinking this would be easy peasey, but not the case.  I am still having troubles working with jerseys and knits.  Am I just letting them intimidate me?  Or do I truly lack the skills to sculpt the drapey fabric?  Ugh!  Ugh-LEE!  The neckline on this beauty is stretched and unshapely.  It makes me crazy!  I even had enough jersey to try sewing it again.  So I did, and my second attempt was even worse!

The very sad part of this whole tale is that the t-shirt could have been really cute and I would have worn the heck out of it!  If only…….

My sewing has been a little scattered lately.  I have 3-4 sewing projects that I am working on all at the SAME TIME!!!  Why do I do this to myself?  Is this normal?  Do I even what to be normal? I think not!

I have purchased some ponte de roma fabric from Girl Charlee, to try my hand, again at sewing another Renfrew.  This is considered to be a stable knit, which is recommended by the Renfrew Pattern.  The print on both of these fabrics is larger than they seem.  So it will be interesting to see how much I love these.

Royal Blue Nautical Flag Ponte de Roma FabricBlack and White Stripe Ponte de Roma Fabric

Finally the MMM 2012 Challenge continues.  This is how I did this week.

Day 15 MMM 2012

Me-Made Sorbetto.

Day 16 MMM 2012

Me-Made Clovers with a J Crew sweater and a Vera thrifted scarf.

Day 17 MMM 2012

Sorbetto sewn from an Etsy purchase of vintage silk.  There was a lot of contorting with my body when I struggled to take this photo of myself.

And Today..

Day 18 of the MMM 2012 Challenge.

A Me-Made fabric necklace complete with yo-yos and swarovski crystals.

I am off to Michigan for a couple of days to snag my mom and bring her back to California for several days!  Have a great weekend!

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