8 Is Great, 9 Is Fine and Then it’s 10!

Day 8 of the MM-May 2012 Challenge.  Boy, am I tired.  How about you?  Doing this challenge really makes me realize how many things I have sewn/made/crafted.

Tuesday I left the house in a pair of Iris Shorts and a wristlet that I created.  It’s called the Knotty and Nice Wristlet,  (it has a knot on the strap and I was selling them around the holidays and I couldn’t resist a good pun moment).

Here is Tuesday, Day 8 and it is Great!

Can’t you see the tired on my face!  Ugh.  My wonderful husband better get home soon from his trip.  Those 2 boys of ours are running me ragged.

Here in this photo is the Knotty and Nice Wristlet.

The wristlet has a zipper pouch under the flap that has a magnetic closure and rick rack, who can resist?

As for Wednesday I left the house, looking normal, a pony and a headband!  Day 9 is just fine!  No pressure here, I am just living my Wednesday.

Day 10 Big Fat Hen, ugh maybe I am just feeling a little sluggish like a big fat hen!

Oh whoops!  I got confused.

Here I am!  Down here, wearing the pink polka dot blouse that I finished up last night.  It kind of looks like red in the picture, but trust me it’s a bright pink. This is Simplicity 2211, from the Lisette series. (I met Liesl Gibson in Palm Springs for that workshop I attended back in February).

Such an easy to follow pattern and it came together so nicely.  Everything matched up perfectly.  The only change I made was to make the blouse in a size 10 and sew the sleeves in a size 12 to compensate for a larger arm.

Maybe I eat too much spinach, like Popeye?  I am pretty sure you can never over eat on spinach.

I am surely going to sew more of these!

3 more days down, only 21 more to go?

 Piece of cake!

4 thoughts on “8 Is Great, 9 Is Fine and Then it’s 10!

  1. I love that top, Tracey. Fabulous fabric choice too. Well done for keeping up the Me Made stuff. I still don’t think I would be able to wear something me-made for a whole month but soon, I hope! BTW I am really tired too. In fact I really ought to go to bed! Tomorrow is another (rainy) day!

  2. You’re doing brilliantly with the challenge! I like all your “makes”… Including your latest….nice details and shape …and polka dots look great!

    Wristlet is cute too!

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