“In Corte Madera, you can put a Bow on something and just call it art.”

I tried something new.  I sewed the Renfrew Top by Sewaholic Patterns.  Created from a knit fabric, this would be my very first time!  I’m blushing.  Tasia, the creator of Renfrew, states that a “stable knit” should be used for this pattern.  If you look up stable knit, Ponte comes up as one of the examples.  So I believe that “Stable Knit”, means limited stretch.  This is not an easy task, finding an attractive knit, that is stable.  Most of the ponte that I have been able to find, comes in solid, ugly colors.  The one that Tasia used for her Renfrew is a lovely black and white stripe.

How cute is Tasia in her black and white striped Renfrew?

That shirt has personality!  I wanted something like that also, that had personality.  I found a striped knit, not an all too stable one, though.  It was on sale, so I thought, I’ll try it.  What the heck?

Here is my first attempt.

I am relatively happy with it.  After I finished and tried it on, I am going to shorten it.  It is a little long for my torso.  Oh yeah, and I had to put a bow on it.  What’s that joke?  “In Portland, you can Put a Bird On It and just call it art”…….I learned this from my friend Lavender!  I “Put a Bow On It”!

Go here to see what I am talking about.  It’s funny and to the extreme, but this is how I feel sometimes, when I put a bow on it.  Everything is always better with a bow or a little rick rack, eh?

Here is today’s montage for day 7 of MM-May 2012 Challenge.  I also completed my 7th pair of Colette Clovers.  These are my favorite ones to date!

I did some crazy exposure thing with an app I have on my phone, but I am calling it “ART” cuz it has a “BOW” on it!!!

Happy Monday- Put a Bird on It!


  1. i love how you made the cuffs and the band perpendicular to the pattern on the shirt – it looks great! i keep seeing this top, and clovers…is it a sign that i need to make them?

  2. So cute!! Congrats on your first knit project – a success!! I hope there are many more in the future.

    And the bow is perfect.

  3. You did a fabulous job. I am still scared of knits. I need to get over it because I keep seeing fab tops like this one! I love the details you’ve added. Completely sets it apart from the others!

    • Thanks so much. That’s kind of what I had in mind.. It isn’t the exact correct kind on knit and I think I am going to really try to find the correct one in a “stable” knit- even if it’s a drab color-I’ll just put a bow on it!

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