Olympic Sporting and A Swell Sunday

It is no secret that I am not a lover of Sundays.  I believe it all started in 3rd Grade when I had an old bat of a teacher, she tied kids to their chairs and taped their mouths when we spoke out of turn or misbehaved.  I was very scared to go to school and on every Sunday I was physically ill.  Amazing what your brain can do to your body, eh?  So, ever since then, I have a kind of sick feeling in my stomach on Sundays.  There must be a way to change this mind-set.  There must!

I will just have to go and sew.  Sewing seems to help me get through some of those tough times.  Sewing and one of my other favorite hobbies, napping!  Aaahhhhhhhh the art of a nap.  I always say that if napping was an Olympic Sport, I would win the Gold!  That’s how practiced I am at it and how good I am!

Day 6 of the MM-May 2012 Challenge.  I hope that these updates don’t drive all of you crazy.  Zoe had a great idea doing this, it motivates you to sew and to wear what you have sewn. I am able to put my sewing errors aside and just wear my garment as it is.  You know what I mean by sewing errors?  They are those pesky things that barricade us from wearing our creations and also put us into an apology frenzy for “its” imperfections.  So thank you Zoe!  You’re the bomb!

Here is Day 6.

I think I will be rethinking those denim shorts in the future.  And as for that weird light on my legs, let’s just say it is my guardian angel.  Maybe she could zap me a nice tan on those gams while she is at it!  Teehee!

I blogged about this particular Sorbetto here.  As for the headband it is me-made as well.  It’s a Gosh Golly Goods headband.

So as I progress further into my Sunday, I am going to make it a Swell Sunday.

How about you?

3 thoughts on “Olympic Sporting and A Swell Sunday

    • I wish I were joking!!! She’s dead now, she was really old when I had her in 3rd grade and that was a longgggg time ago. 🙂
      Thanks for the compliment!

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