Everybody Loves a Yo-Yo, Right?

Day 5 of the Me-Made-May 2012 Challenge.  What to wear?  Thank goodness the weather in Marin is starting to change for the better.  It’s sunny today and this gives me the opportunity to wear something that i’ve sewn.  The weather doesn’t really call for a skirt or dress, I am going to throw on a Sorbetto Top (pattern by Colette) it’s a really good basic top and it never disappoints.  I will throw a Kanzashi flower pin/barrette into my ponytail and call it a day.  I started crafting these little blooms a couple of years ago.  They are a fun  little treat to add to a handbag, tote bag, sweater or to your favorite hair-do.  I rather enjoy learning a new little crafty thing to create.  It keeps the mind and hands busy!

I crafted these yo-yo’s into barrettes, displayed here at a local hair salon.

So here is todays MMM.

Hustographer still out-of-town, Will took this picture on his way out the door to volunteer his time building steps on Lady bug Trail in Marin County for Boy Scouts.

On my cutting table?  Another pair of Colette Clover Trousers (6th pair) and my first attempt at sewing a knit.  I am going to use the Sewaholic Pattern Renfrew.  To say that I am a little nervous is an understatement!

What’s on your cutting table?

I would love to know!  Happy Sewing!


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