Lids that are “Top Hats”

The Kentucky Derby is this weekend and even though I haven’t ever wanted to attend, I love the idea of a beautiful hat.  This event seems to bring out the beauties and well….. some other interesting choices.

I, myself always have a hard time with hats.  I have a small head.  Small head filled with a very large brain, “I’m just sayin’.”  I spend my summers under the protective shade of a hat, but this hat has a draw string and is easily sized to my petite sized noggin.

I ran across this blog site here that had many “interesting” hats.   I didn’t really read the blog so I am not saying I agree or disagree with this person’s opinions about anything.  I just looked at the pictures.  So please, just know that I have no idea what this person has going on, except I think he is a lawyer.  Here are some pictures I snagged from his blog.

How about this crazy lid?  I really think that this hat is wearing her instead of her wearing it! I  would need the assistance of a seeing eye dog if I wore this!

I must say she looks pretty thrilled about it!

This hat Is a little more Kentucky Derby, I would think…..

It is definitely eye-catching!
Here’s a pretty accoutrement.  I love the color!

The next picture is a  gift I received in the post the other day from my lovely friend Lorraine!  It came all the way from Australia!  I have never had the pleasure of meeting her, but somehow she knew the perfect colors for me!

Green, periwinkle blue and yellow.  It’s a beauty!  And the best thing about it, this lid fits my small head!


 One more thing before I go!  It’s the fourth day of MMMay 2012! Here’s what I am donning today.

My youngest son William snapped this shot this morning.  I’ve sewn my blouse from the Colette Pattern Jasmine and you can review my post here.  The earrings are one of my favorites and I had to share.  They are from J.Crew, but not online in the store only.  The rest of my outfit has been purchased.
Happy Cinco de Mayo Everyone!

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