Day 3 Of MMMay 2012

I spent Tuesday afternoon and into the evening sewing up today’s look.  Just the blouse, mind you, but I did complete it in time.  Whew!  

This cowl neck blouse is sewn from Burdastyle Pattern 7519.  It’s a quick and easy pattern with only two pieces.  Sewn from a silky synthetic that I purchased on the sale rack it has a nice drape.  I’ve sewn this one before, but in the past I made a much larger size, which ended up being too big for me.  You can view my earlier creation here.  

I sewed the sleeveless version.  I enjoy wearing sleeveless, for the very fact that I can layer a sweater over it.  And living in California with all the micro-climates, it’s a nice option to have.

Here is the picture that I posted on Flickr for the Me-Made-May 2012 group pool page.

 My hustographer is out of town so my son Kenny snapped this photo before our frantic exit to school this morning!  Yes, it is raining outside!
 So now I am going to start my next project, so I am not wearing the “Emperor’s New Clothes”!  That’s not a look I am willing to rock!
Great day to you all!

2 thoughts on “Day 3 Of MMMay 2012

  1. found your blog through Collette Pattern’s blog. Have read through everything to here! Love this top. Nice to *meet* you. g

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