Ready, Set, Go!

So, the Me-Made-May 2012 is off and going.  Zoe from So Zo… What Do You Know?” set up a Me-Made-May 2012 Flickr Page.   Today I wore my Sencha Blouse (by Colette Patterns) and my Clover Trousers, also by Colette Patterns.  I felt great and am realizing after stopping into my favorite store, Anthropologie, that  I  am sewing my own clothes not only because I can pick and choose fabrics that I look good in, but also because I can customize the fit.  Let’s face it, most things I buy off the rack don’t fit me properly anyway!  So at least this way if there is a fitting issue, I only have myself to blame!

My Husband  photographer (hustographer) took this picture on my way out the door to get all that gray “washed” out of my hair.  Translation:  I went to the salon to have my hair colored red.  Getting older stinks!  And it is very expensive too!  I used this really cool App on my phone to make this grouping of photos, It’s called “PicFrame”.  I am still in the throws of learning Illustrator, so until I do this App is how I am going to get by!

Well I am off to do some more sewing.  I need to have something to wear for tomorrow!

Oh, before I go, hop on over to “So Zo…. What Do You Know?”  Zoe has a coupon code over there for 20% off Simplicity Patterns at!


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