You Got A Sticky Situation?

I had a lovely weekend with my oldest son.  We rose early on Saturday morning so Kenny could navigate Highway 101.  Yup, my son has his driver’s permit and lucky me, I am the brave and patient one.  (Kenny prefers to drive with me).  My dashboard on the passengers’ side has permanent finger indentations from my death claw grip.  I will keep telling myself that I am the brave and patient one.

This is Kenny driving with my husband Jim earlier in the week.  Jim wasn’t gray when he first got into the car with Kenny behind the wheel.

 At least I am able to spend some good quality captive time with my son, even if I am risking my life!   Wink, wink.  All kidding aside, he is a good driver.  Saturday was his first time freeway driving though and he did fine.

 Oh, that reminds me, I’m out of Ativan!!!!   Wink, wink.

 Anyway I wanted to share something with you that may be useful to you one day! 

This is going to be a quick post for me to share a little something that I discovered today.

 While ironing  with my new cheap iron from Bed, Bath and Beyond (19.95 it will hold me until I find the iron of my dreams) I accidentally got fusible interfacing stuck to my iron plate!  What a sticky mess!  

In the past I would use this.

This thick paste when wiped onto the iron plate smells ghastly and after going through a whole tube I am still left with a sticky iron!

Today I used this and it really did the trick!

Mr. Clean® Magic Eraser® Extra Power

Mr. Clean Magic Eraser

I ran the sponge under warm water and wiped it a few times across my warm iron and off that sticky mess went!  Just like magic!  A well deserved name!

  That’s all for now!


6 thoughts on “You Got A Sticky Situation?

  1. Very timely post, on a number of fronts – I just did exactly the same thing to my iron….don’t know if we can get Mr Clean Magic Eraser here but will look for it or something similar – sheesh what a mess! And Ms 16 has just obtained her “L” s (L = learner license)…in Australia, new drivers have to display L plates (plastic squares tied or magnetised to front and back of car) until they get their license…and then have to display P plates for 2 years (P = provisional license). At least you can see them coming and give them a wide berth! I now understand how my mother perfected the art of accordion pleating the passenger floor mat with her feet….

    • So smart how they do the driving permits and Licenses in Australia! I would be so happy to pop a Mr. Clean in the post for you! Send me your address at my e-mail: If you can’t use it now maybe you could have them for the future?!

      • What a sweetie you are! Thanks very much for offering to post some Mr Clean downunder …fortunately I found something similar, Chux Magic Eraser Hard Surfaces at a my local IGA (Independent Grocery Association) – it did the trick and my iron is useable again!! Thanks for the tip – I would never have thought to use this kind of product!

      • So Glad that you found a Magic Eraser in your neck of the woods! And it worked too!!! so awesome! I would have sent you one though. Jim and I have some friends that live downunder- I think they are in Queensland and we are sending off a package to them tomorrow!

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