Ironside: The Sequel

Ahhhhh yes.  Shopping for a dreaded iron.  Something that I will be doing later today. Referred to as “The Sequel” because I have owned 3 irons in as little as 5 years.

There are so many choices out there.  Do you need to buy one with steam, or do you buy a dry one?  Rowenta irons seem to have many issues with leaking.

This was the iron we used at the 2011 Sewing Summit.  The Reliable V50.  I like the name, but is it really reliable?

I don’t remember if I liked it or not?

This Black and Decker D2030 iron seems to have a very good following.

Today, my iron decided to just not turn on, it was done and wanted to retire.  I really can’t blame it, I often drop my iron.   Yes, I will admit it.   It slips off my ironing board and hits the floor usually leaving the iron unscathed, my floor not so much. Today my iron was scathed.

One of my earlier irons, a Rowenta, caught fire while I was using it, I do like a hot iron, but that was a little extreme!

  So the picture that follows is pretty disturbing so if you have small children in the room you may want them to leave, and go where they can’t see.

No folks, this isn’t a crime scene.  Don’t call CSI, this is just my ironing board.  I am so embarrassed to even show you, but here it is.  This is caused by using a very hot iron and not from my iron catching fire.

 I may have been through 3 irons in the recent past, but I cannot even count how many ironing board covers I have singed and burned.  If you walk into my creating room while I am ironing something it smells a little like roasted marshmallows.  Am I the only one who has this problem?  I would love to have a really cute ironing board pad, like that of Sunni’s over at A Fashionable Stitch, but I believe  I may not be worthy of such an indulgence.  I will just burn that pretty thing up.

Nowadays I put an old pillow case over my ironing board pad, and I just toss it out when I have singed up both sides.  Sad.

I would love to hear from any of you out there if you LOVE your iron or if you HATE your iron.  Any information would be helpful!

Without my iron I am like a foot without a sock!


4 thoughts on “Ironside: The Sequel

  1. Do you let your marshmallows catch on fire then eat the crispy shell with the gooey insides?
    [oh dear, I just drooled on my iPad]…I do!

    In all seriousness, very glad to hear it was just ironing board that got toasted.

    I don’t have any personal words of wisdom, but just yesterday I read this blog post from Robin (A Little Sewing) about her search for the perfect iron:

    Hope this helps!

    PS My iron is one my mother gave me 15 years ago!! A Sunbeam ProSteam 315. My household is very ironing-resistant, so it really didn’t see much action until I started sewing 1.5 yrs ago…it works beautifully as far as I am concerned. 😀

    • Wow! How funny that you just read a blog post regarding an iron that died! If we had to replace sewing machines as often… that would really stink! I will check out Robin’s post- thanks so much!

  2. I can’t really give advice here but I’d like to know what you choose. I have a Panasonic but it isn’t that terrific. I got a Kandi’s Handi-Iron at the Quilt Expo, and it works great on small things but has no steam function.

    • Hi Jen! I will let you know I am still contemplating which one- CherryPix provided a nice link to someone’s post (Robin) you should check that out. I think maybe that iron is too complicated for me. But she does have other suggestions. It’s a good post.

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