This is the third item I’ve sewn for my Colette Spring/Summer Palette Challenge.  The first item, The Colette Iris Shorts were sewn in a navy blue crepe from my stash.  I love that!!  The second, which I sewed to augment my mood board AND is my most favorite pattern, The Colette Sorbetto Top.  Both the top and the sundress (that you are about to view) are sewn in the sweet little plaid shown here on my mood board.

  This sweet little plaid, DS Quilts Aunt Edna Plaid, was the perfect fabric for The Jamie Christina Sunny Day Dress.

 The Sunny Day Dress and Skirt sewing pattern

It all went together fine, but I always, always have issues when it comes to basting and then  gathering.  Even though I baste two parallel rows I always end up breaking one of the threads.  Which, I suppose, that is why you do two. Then the gathering is never even and I end up taking the skirt off the bodice and sewing it several times before finally ending up with an acceptable appearance.  If anybody out there in cyberland has any suggestions as to how to make the gathering process easier and more even, PLEASE SHARE!!!!



Things I learned from this project:

1.  Just under the bustline I should have used the blue fabric that was used for the trim.  This would have made my waist look slimmer.
2.  I am not sure if this is the most attractive neckline on me.  My bosom looks a little weird  in this dress, so all together, I am not too comfortable.
3.  I found that the directions given for inserting the elastic into the posterior was very, very hard to follow so “I just made up my own ending”.  (This is something that I like to do when I watch a movie and I don’t like where it’s going, I shut the movie off and make up my own “happy ending”).  Because Old Yeller lives in my version!!

4.  Just like Tasia mentions in her blog Sewaholic,  I have too much frosting (fun dresses for dressing up), and not enough cake (everyday clothing).  BUT I love frosting.  Something to think about.



UHHHHH,  I should be on the beach sipping a margarita wearing this dress, eh?
I think this would be a happy ending?
Have a great day wherever you go.

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. You are very sweet. The skirt of the dress was basted with a large stitch on the sewing machine. Then I pulled the bottom thread to create the gathers. As for the back waist, I have 3 rows of elastic that were pulled through 3 chambers.

  2. The barefoot+cool-summer-plaid look is perfect for margaritas on the beach!!

    I make up sewing solutions and movie endings too…can’t stand tear jerkers… in either category!

    • Hi Jamie Christina! Do you go by Jamie? Anyway, Thanks for visiting my little blog page, I am completely humbled! I love the pattern, for me, the instructions were not clear, but then again sometimes I just don’t get directions regardless of what pattern it is! The revised pages were in there and I bought it from Harts Fabric. I am sure now that I sewed it once, when I sew it again it will be more clear….. sometimes my brain works funny that way. I heard somewhere that people who sew don’t like to read directions- maybe I am one of “those” 🙂 I am completely floored by all the talented designers out them and you being one of them, that are able to put patterns together in multiple sizes. Really it is a wonderful pattern and I am going to wear the hell out of it in Cape Cod this summer! Thanks so much for sharing your pattern!
      have a wonderful day!

  3. I go by Jamie =)
    Thanks for the response. It’s very important to me that my instructions are as clear as can be, so I really do appreciate feedback. I love Harts Fabric! They have such a great fabric selection. Anywho, I’m so happy you like the dress. You can always email me if you have any suggestions. Email: jamie@jamiechristina.com.
    Happy sewing!

  4. If you have trouble gathering using the basting stitch, you can try zig zagging over a small string, like dental floss. Tack one end and pull to gather. It works well on heavier fabrics.

  5. I am so excited to see this made up – and I am duly impressed by your finished dress! Sorry to hear of your troubles with the gathers (that is one of my major concerns about approaching this pattern), but you overcame wonderfully!

    • Thank you Linda! I certainly have issues with gathering on anything I sew- but I get just a tad better each time. I am so glad that this helped you by seeing it. It’s kind of like making a recipe that you can see a picture of before you create it, huh? Good luck with your dress creation. I would love to see it when you are done!

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